Friday, November 4, 2011

Give it a go.

Whose idea was it to go to Costco at lunch time/naptime with all 4 kids? Oh yeah, That was my brilliant idea. All things considered they did really good. Note to self though, LaLa does better walking than Blake. He needs to ride in the cart still. The kid cannot for the life of him just walk and hold onto the cart. Anywho, A few things... I found these at Costco.
Cute isn't it? They come in a 3 variety pack, In cute little 10 oz bottles. It tastes better than it looks. And if you've been scared of "Green Monster" smoothies, This is a good place to start. My kiddos LOVE them. I had to limit them to one a day, because they would drink them all in a day.

So I was "stuck" on my weight loss journey. You know that stupid plateau you hit just before the last 5-10 pounds. Yeah, So annoying. Nothing I did worked. I Am So So strict with what I eat when I'm determined. Yes there were some days I could have been better, But For the most part whatever I did the scale would not move! So I hopped online and searched. This is what I decided on.

Jillian Michaels recipe for losing 5 pounds in 7 days...

Get 60 ounces of distilled or pure water...
Add a tablespoon of sugar free cranberry juice...
Add 1 dandelion root tea bag and...
Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

This recipe works because it helps flush out excess water weight you have carrying around in your body.
You could lose more than 5 pounds in 7 days depending on how much excess water weight you're carrying around.

I went from 134 pounds to 127 pounds in 5 days. {Yes, I really just put my weight out there for the world to know.} I started Sunday before last and finished on Sunday the 30th. I did it for a week along with a super strict diet, and am excited to say, It got me over my "HUMP" weight, and I was at 126 today. 3 pounds from goal weight. {Not goal body, because toning and muscle building takes time} I don't know if it curbed my appetite, Or if I really just retain water really bad, Or what, But it totally took the bloating away and made me feel great, and got the ball rolling again in losing the pounds. A word of warning though... It tastes NASTY. I'd say it tasted like butt, However, That wouldn't be very lady like of me would it. So we will say it tastes disgusting. But it works. So, If you're brave, Or just sick of being "stuck," Give it a go.

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  1. I'm stuck... i am going to give it a try! Thanks!