Friday, November 11, 2011

Attitude of Grattitude


The other night, I was up Cleaning up after everyone had gone to bed. While I was picking up, I let my thoughts fester, First from, "Man, It would be really nice if someone would help me." To, " I can't wait until the kids are big enough to really help me clean up." To, " UGH! I'm really kind of ticked off that Mike went to bed and I'm cleaning up after him, And the kids...And this is has taken me two hours" To I am really ticked off, Mike doesn't ever help me" {Which is absolutely not true, But That's what I was thinking as I was getting madder and madder}
So there I was carrying arm loads of crap up the stairs, and so irritated,  I took Brent upstairs and laid him in his bed and of course he started screaming, I walk downstairs to get the last armful of stuff, and Mike walked past me, over the pile of crap, and laid down on the couch. I spouted off some rude remark and went upstairs.
By this time I was FURIOUS.
First off, Mike knows, I HATE when he sleeps on the couch. He used to have to do it when we couldn't turn the ceiling fan on at night because we had new babies, And he can't sleep if he's hot. And I absolutely hate it. So that kind of made me even madder. 
Well, Finally I laid down for bed, and I was looking at pictures on my phone, and a picture of Mike holding the kids came up, and then after that, a picture of Brent in the NICU popped up. 
My heart melted. How could I have let myself become so angry. I swallowed my pride, and I sent Mike a text message, That just said I was sorry, And that he's really the closet to perfect man that there is. I really do think that. 
As I was looking at those pictures, My heart was softened and the joy and gratitude that filled my heart was overwhelming. I was so grateful that Mike was the man who sat by my side both times our little boys were in the hospital. Grateful that we have 4 beautiful, Healthy children. So thankful that he has a job, and works so hard for our family. So thankful that we have reliable cars. That we have a place to live. That we have food to feed our children. That we have the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Gratitude brings peace. Gratitude brings joy. Gratitude brings love.
It allows us to feel the love of our Savior and our loving Father in Heaven. 
I am learning to cultivate my attitude of gratitude. 
I am overwhelmed when I think of the things that we have been blessed with. 
And so thankful and grateful that the Lord would bless one as undeserving as I with so much.

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