Saturday, November 5, 2011

Extra money for Christmas and less crap.

Recently, It dawned on me that Christmas is really expensive for 4 kids. I was looking into starting their Christmas lists, and deciding what to buy each of them. First off, I REALLY wanted these for them. They used to have little wal mart ones that they destroyed, So I wanted these because I know Pottery Barn quality is awesome, and I could just wash the slipcover.
Pottery Barn anywhere chairs. But they are WAY expensive. The oversize ones I want are $160 each. Yeah, Times that by 4 kids. Because you know if I don't get them each their own they will fight over it.
Not to mention the leap pads they want. {They play with the demo one at Target for like 15 minutes until I drag them away from it} Plus the games, Plus a Unicorn...No joke, I'm supposed to come up with a unicorn. I mean, Santas magic is going to make a unicorn...
So, I was thinking back to the Christmases that we didn't have any money, and what we did. The first year we were married Blake came home from the NICU on Christmas eve. He was our present. Aside from the gifts our parents got us, Like socks, and kitchen stuff, He was our only present. The best Christmas present either of us have ever received. The next year, We just had Blake, And he was one. So really, we didn't really need to get anything. Then there was a Christmas in there that we went overboard. That will never happen again. We only had 2 kids. Then there were a few Christmases that we had NO money. So I sold things. The whole reason for this post. If you're looking for ways to come up with a few extra buck for Christmas, Here's some things that I've done that have worked pretty well.

Go around your house and collect the things you don't use anymore, Or the things that don't fit, The toys your kids don't play with, and the things they've outgrown. Makes you money and cleans out your house to make room for new things. {I hate clutter. The rule in this house is every one thing in... one thing out.}

  • Consignment shoppes are awesome! Little Bits on Beach Blvd is my favorite. You can like their FB page to see what they are buying and when. 
  • There's also Craigslist. I've had awesome success with this. Just make sure you meet in a public place and that you don't meet someone alone. Take your husband or brother or someone. 

  • Ebay. I've also had success with ebay. We've sold Iphones, and Playstations, and WII's on ebay at Christmas time for more than we paid for them, because most of the stores were sold out. I have a few listings right now. You can find them here. I go the cheapest route possible. One free picture, And minimal upgrades for the listing. If people want more pictures they can ask and I will e mail them. The only thing I pay extra for is a reserve price. That's so that if I don't get how much I want to get out of something, I don't have to sell it. 

  • Etsy. If you're the crafty type, You can always make and sell things on Etsy. I've done this, And I just don't have the time for it anymore. Just make sure you have a decent profit margin, Take into account the time you spent, and the supplies that were used to make it. 
Shoot, I've had friends post a picture on facebook and say its for sale and sold it on facebook.

I know Christmas isn't about the presents or money. Actually, We are keeping Christmas very very small, And really want our kids to remember that it's not about presents and Santa It's about the birth of our Savior. So our kids are getting one "Big" present, and 2 little ones. They will be entertained with one present they really want anyways. But even at that, Christmas is going to cost money. And I had a lot of closet cleaning to do, Took some of the kids clothes in to sell, And listed some clothes of mine that don't fit anymore on Ebay. Every little bit helps. Okay, No more posts on Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving. But I wanted to give you enough time to do this before black Friday! {Basically the best day of the whole year} Go de-clutter and make some money honey! 

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