Monday, November 14, 2011

Ruffle tote.

So after making my tree skirt, I got to thinking, What else could I use this super duper easy method for?
Well, I needed a little tote bag for Sunday to hold my scriptures and Sunday school manual. So, I figured this would be a cheap and easy experiment. And to my delight it came out great. Not quite no sew, But that's because I wanted my edges finished, So I guess you could just fray check the crud out of the fabric strips and call it a day, If you didn't want to sew at all. Or there is also an iron on hem tape that could work too I suppose.
I started with a canvas tote from JoAnnes. You know the like $3 ones. And about a yard of fabric.

 I cut the fabric into 4 inch strips with the rotary cutter.
 Then, I serged the edges so it wouldn't fray. {if you didn't want to sew this is where fray check or hemming tape would come in handy} That's my little LaLa, She loves pushing down the petal.
 Then The gluing and ruffling began... Same process as the tree skirt. I started from the bottom of the tote and worked my way to the top.

 Oh I forgot, I also put on a magnetic snap. Easy peasy. I used the everything mary brand. Here's the video that shows you how to put it on.
 I also cut off the straps and before I put on the last row of ruffles at the top I just glued down the handles I had made out of the fabric. {They are just straight pieces of fabric.}
 Then I added the last row of ruffles over the handles. That's it. Easy peasy lemon squeezie.
I thought that I was going to use this for my scriptures and manual on Sundays, But A certain someone has already adopted it. I don't think I'm getting it back anytime soon.


  1. LOVE IT. I love ruffles. they make the possibilities for cuteness, endless.