Saturday, October 29, 2011

Why do I make dinner?

So last night I thought I'd be brave and give this a try...

Well, You know, My way.
I made a whole wheat pizza crust

1 1/2 cups hot water
1 Tablespoon yeast
1 teaspoon sugar OR honey
1 teaspoon salt
4 cups whole wheat flour { Or you can do 2 cups white 2 cups wheat if you don't like whole wheat}
2 Tablespoons olive oil

Just whisk the hot water and yeast together and then add everything else and I just stuck it in the mixer with the dough hook. A warning though. If you have a kitchen aid they are NOT meant for whole wheat dough. {Read the manual, it says it in there} My mom and I have blown through 2 kitchen aids that way. Yes, I still used one of my kitchen aids, The one that the top part doesn't wobble on. But I'm just waiting until both of those completely die before I have to drop a few hundred dollars on a new mixer. So just to save you the annoyance, I thought I'd let you know.

Then I just chopped up the leftover rotisserie chicken breasts from the previous nights dinner. {I told you I haven't made  dinner 2 nights in a row.} Chopped up some fresh broccoli added 4 oz of 2% cheddar cheese and one can fat free cream of chicken soup, and 8 oz of fat free cream cheese. And Added a bit of salt and pepper.
Then you spread your dough on your cookie sheet pretty thin, and then cut it so that you can braid it.
I used a pizza cutter.
Then you put your filling down the middle and braid over top of it.
Bake at 375 for about 30-40 min. depending on how thick your dough  was.

Now would you believe that I went through all  this effort, and NO ONE ELSE WOULD EAT IT! Oh I was so mad. Now you're wondering... Why would she advertise a recipe that no one else would eat? It was good. Like really good. And it totally looks impressive. However... Mike doesn't eat anything and has no taste buds, therefore his opinion means nothing. This is a man who prefers boxed mac n cheese over homemade. And packaged take n break cookies vs homemade chocolate chip. And the man that lives on fast food... I mean, I always thought I'd marry a man who adored me for my cooking and baking skills... {They are off the chain, It's a gift I was blessed with by my sweet mommy} He won't eat 90% of what I make. Need I go on? And well, The kids would have ate it, Had the oldest one not wanted to try it. Monkey see monkey do. So, I have decided that cooking doesn't need to be one of my "priorities" right now. Remember how I was feeling overwhelmed and said I can't do it all. Well, cooking for a family that doesn't care one way or the other if it's homemade or not, has fallen to the bottom of my priorities. Maybe mike's annoying eating habits are a small blessing in disguise right now. Yes, They will be fed healthy food...Mostly it means we will be eating at Nana's more often for a while...

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  1. Hey, i know you don't know me (i'm Valerie Pfeifer's neice) but I wanted to tell you, that although your family didn't eat it, i absolutely adored this recipe! My boyfriend (who is a fan for boxed mac n cheese as well lol) loved it too. I really liked how you made it into a healthier version too. I'm constantly trying to work on my cooking skills, and love these simple yet intricate recipes (if that makes any sense.)
    Just thought i'd let you know! Btw-- super cute blog. I'm still working on mine, but yours is adorable.
    anyway, thanks for the cooking tips! :) they don't go unappreciated!