Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am not paying $100 for a t shirt...

So I found this shirt while daydreaming at Anthropologie.  But it was $100 freaking dollars. FOR A T-SHIRT!!!
It's cute, But it ain't worth $100 bucks! So I got to thinking, I could make that so easy. So I did.
First I bought a plain long sleeve T-shirt from Target. They are on sale this week for $10.

Then I pulled out some leftover black jersey knit fabric I had in my fabric bin. (Maybe 3 inches wide, and about 6 yards long, I wanted a lot of full thick ruffles, You don't have to use that much) And ruffled it with my ruffling foot. You can ruffle it by hand but it will take a while. And if you do use a ruffling foot, Just be warned that stretchy knits are harder to ruffle with the foot and take some patience. But it's still faster than doing it by hand.

Then I pinned it where I wanted the ruffles. And Yes, I tried it on with the pins before I stitched it because I wanted to make sure they fell where I wanted them to, And yes, I did get stabbed several times.

So for $10 I have a ruffle shirt that I actually like better than the one at Anthropologie. Because I got to determine how full I wanted the ruffles and where I wanted them. And if you can't see the pictures really well, Sorry, I'm too cheap to buy a nice camera. So I just use my Iphone.

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