Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I raised you better than that.

Oh dear...  We had another incident at school. Blake was having a rough day, and I knew that he was going to because of the morning that we had at home. So I dropped him off and was hoping for the best and that being at school would make him a bit happier... Not so much. I walked in the classroom to pick him up and his teacher proceeds to tell me that Blake was pushing kids, Telling her that he wasn't going to do his work, and so she sat him down to have a talk with him and he told her that she needed to be quiet. When she told me that I was so embarrassed. I know that we have raised him better than that, and he knows that that is absolutely not appropriate behavior. We are SO strict about our children using manners and being polite. Everything is yes ma'am yes sir or no ma'am no sir. We got home and Blake walked himself into timeout without being told to do so, He knew he was in HUGE trouble. He spent 10 minutes there, And then we had a long talk about it. I believe in rectifying the situation with whomever you offend, So, Thinking that a simple apology that I MADE him say to her, was not sufficient for the disrespect shown, I racked my brain thinking how I could better help him understand that what he did would not be tolerated. So I made him write her a letter. It may sound like a small task, But this is a 4 year old who is just learning how to write all of his letters. It took him over an hour to write:

Miss Michelle,
I am sorry for bring rude and disrespectful.
I will do better and be polite.

I wish I had taken a picture of it, Because it was really cute, and the first sentences that he has ever written. {Yeah, That's one for the scrapbook eh?} But it took a lot of effort from him and I felt like at least we had taken the time to teach him and not just breeze over the wrong doing because that would be less effort on our part, And an hour of my day that I could have spent doing something else.
I'm sure there will be much worse situations that we are going to have to deal with as they grow up, and I am so not looking forward to it. Why doesn't someone tell you all the things that go with parenting before you decide to have a cute little baby? I can assure you that I was not thinking that I would be spending an hour showing my son how to write a 2 sentence apology letter to his preschool teacher, When we were deciding that we wanted kids. If this is only the beginning of my kids doing dumb things that I have taught not to do, And I know it is... I can only wait... Bring it on. {insert sarcastic eye roll here}

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