Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm all about setting and achieving goals. I especially need it in my life right now.
There are long term goals, That are worth sacrificing a few things now, to achieve a greater cause, and there are shorter term goals.
Whichever they are they take sacrifice, but all that is forgotten when the feeling of accomplishment runs through your body.

Example- I hate running. True statement. I hate feeling of my lungs burning, I hate the pain in my knee, I hate how stiff my arms get, and hate having to run down the road straightening my arms while I run looking like an idiot, {If you run you know what I'm talking about, Otherwise just skip that last sentence} I hate the brick wall that I hit when I take the first step of mile 12, It gets me every time. But there is something that pushes me to run faster and further when I think I can't take another step. The feeling of running over the finish line of a race. Feeling the tears stream down my face after I finish, knowing that I have done something that I thought I couldn't. Every single step I take in training for a race, the hours spent on the treadmill or the road, are worth it in that very second.
Any time I Accomplish a goal I set for myself I feel like I am in control of the appetites of the flesh, and that my mind is really in control of this physical body. My spirit is stronger than the natural man.
Right now, There are a billion things I could set goals for. I'm not where I want to be in basically any aspect of my life. {But really? Is anyone?} So I'm taking things one baby step at a time.

My goal for each day this week- One load of laundry washed and put away.

My goal for this week- Make dinner every night. How I'm getting there- I'm writing a menu, grocery shopping for it, and sticking to it.

My goal for the next month- Lose the last 10 pounds. I'm going to get there by being PERFECT at every meal until the scale says 123. {The gym goes without saying}

I get overwhelmed when I think about everything I have to do. But when I break it down and look at the baby steps that it takes to get the goal, I can do it.
When I think that in the next month I have to be perfect in my diet... I think "Yeah right." But when I take it one meal at a time, I can do it. I can't say that I could eat perfectly for the next month. However, I can say that I can eat a perfect meal. And do that again and again and again. And pretty soon, look what has happened. Mission accomplished.

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