Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Its starting to dawn on me

Piano room.
family room
This is the view from the front door
upstairs kids bathroom

The view from our master bedroom to the loft upstairs.

We are making progress. Fast. We were there while the crew was there and they holy cow, they made it look so easy. And I totally want a pair of those stilt things they get to stand on, Those things looked like fun. We haven't been able to make the drive as fast as they are making progress, So many thanks to Ashlar and Valerie for stopping by the house for me.
 Brent did end up in the hospital, his breathing was really terrible, and so he was on some steroids for a few days, and of course breathing treatments every 3-4 hours. At first he hated them... But he's getting used to them I think.

 Thats almost a smile.
This is pretty much the only benefit of him being sick. Because I'm not gonna lie, He's the neediest whiniest sickest baby ever. There is a reason that baby was the last of the Mohicans, He single handedly has guaranteed that there will be no more Hicks babies. I don't think Mike or I have slept a whole night through in the last 13 months. It's totally not his fault, He is just constantly sick and needs a ton of care and attention.

 These little jokers pulled out all of my jewelry and shoes and mind you, This is right after I had organized the shoes so they weren't just in a huge pile. They sure were cute though!
 This is Blake, My tree hugger. He loves recycling trash and making it into new things. Yes, That's a little Caesars box. Don't judge me.

So, I think it's starting to dawn on me that we are really moving. And is this terrible, That I am almost wishing something would happen and we didn't have to move? I mean, Don't get me wrong, I am so excited for the new house, But at the same time I am terrified. I hate change. I love our ward, I love the people there. I love my calling. (I teach the 16-18 yr. Sunday school) I have such a great relationship with the kids I teach, and I have known them since they were basically babies, and I love that I have the opportunity to be a part of their lives during the most crucial years, while they are deciding for themselves if they are going to devote their lives to the Lord for themselves. We just got some of the coolest neighbors you could ever ask for, They have 3 gorgeous little girls that are Blake lala and kynzis age, And of course it's like two months before we leave that they move in. So that sucks. My best friend who I see basically every day will live 45 minutes away from me. Blake and LaLa are just getting comfortable in school. Not to mention that on Sunday I will have to have all of my kids sit with me during sacrament meeting, because the Wilkes won't be there to entertain them. {Alisa, I promise the beach isn't that far away, and the schools are so awesome... Please move by me?! Pretty please with sugar on top???} I think right now I am on autopilot. Just going through the routine and trying not to think about what's going on, But I know when that day finally does come, There's going to be lots and lots of tears. Sad tears, and happy tears. {Poor Mike, I will be a hot mess, I'm not a cryer, and so Mike never really has to deal with me crying, But when I do cry it's months and sometimes years of built up emotion, he just doesn't know what to do} I am excited for new adventures, But also terrified of the unknown. However, The good news is, It's only 30 minutes away and not across the country, I have Michael Neal to walk with step by step, {Is it just me or when I said step by step did you just think back to TGIF? Oh man, that was quality entertainment my friends.} We have these 4 gorgeous children in tow, The schools are awesome, {Whichever one they end up at} the neighborhood is positively delightful and our neighbors seem very friendly and so welcoming. There's lots of good in store. It's just that whole "You gotta step out onto nothing" Thing that scares me. But We've already been over this, In this post. {Skip to the last paragraph} 
If your dreams aren't big enough to scare you, They aren't big enough. So here goes nothing. 
This really is my dream. My dream family, My dream house, And my dream life. But taking  that first step scares the living day lights out of me. {If all of you military friends who have moved a billion times are reading this thinking I'm a sissy for being scared to move, I don't necessarily think that's the reason, I think I'm terrified because This is absolutely permanent. We have no intentions of ever moving again. So I think I am also terrified because I am a slight commitment phob} 

Well, I am off to make and prepare a lesson on how to bake chocolate chip cookies that I will be teaching to the 16, 17, and 18 year old scouts. This is going to be interesting if it's anything like our Sunday school class. Wish me luck trying to control the chaos!

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  1. We are on our fourth home & ward since we got married, with many more to come. My advice: jump in right away. Don't take your time getting to know people, get to know them immediately. Go everywhere and do everything FAST. As soon as you meet someone, go home and add them to your Facebook. Sign up for everything at church/school. Immerse yourself in everything that is going on. The faster to get to know everyone and everything around you, the faster it will start to feel like home and like you belong. GOOD LUCK!