Thursday, September 20, 2012

The ugly bombe chest

I found a new app for the Ipad. And let me just say that I have wasted  spent way too much time on it. It's called moodboards. Basically you can do whatever you want with it, But I have discovered that it is the perfect app for making design boards for each room in the new house. Here's a peek at the one for the girls room. {mind you it's ever changing as I find things, But you get the idea.}

So I have been slowly collecting things for their room. In looking for the "dresser" I ran into a few problems... one I wanted a mirrored furniture piece. Well, as I was looking at homegoods I saw a mirrored table in the store and it was already shattered in a few places. Yeah, This is going in a kids room. Not an option. I'm sure that thing would be destroyed in seconds. So I decided on metallic instead. And problemo number two...Money. I had in mind a very specific shape and feel for what I wanted to act as the dresser. I wanted a bombe chest. Well, The only metallic bombe chests that I could find run about $1000. Like the one pictured below. Some of them ran up to $4,500. {Layla grace} Really? Who spends that kind of money on a piece of furniture?

So I got to craigslisting. And what would you know this bad boy was listed. I called and picked it up that night. $100. Now, I don't know if you have priced regular dressers lately, But for a "dresser" for the girls room this was a steal of a deal. Most new dressers I have found on the cheap side run $400+. So I happily paid the lady $100. {I didn't have the heart to haggle with this lady.}

Here is what this beast looked like before. Oh man, Talk about seeing the potential. But the lines were absolutely perfect. I knew I could make it work.

image 0 

I had a "helper"

It took about 3 coats of primer to cover the black. No joke. 
 This is what made the magic happen. And it only cost me $4 at hobby lobby. It's normally $7.99 and I used a 50% off coupon. And one container did the whole thing. {It took two coats}
 Drum roll please....
 My Iphone pictures do not do it justice. This thing is beautiful in real life.  I used some crystal knobs I have had laying in a drawer for years waiting to be used. I think my mom got them for like .25 cents each when pier one kids was going out of business at the town center. So, Total cost for this awesome piece for the girls room... $104. I'm pretty happy about that.

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  1. How the heck do you find something that specific? I mean, kuddos on finding this, we look for stuff on craigslist, but never are we this lucky. Maybe I should give you my shopping list and have you look, you're like the craigslist genie! Nice work on that dresser, it's gorgeous!