Wednesday, September 26, 2012

32 days left of living in a 2 bedroom townhouse with 6 people.

The house is 26 days from being completed. 
32 days until we move in. 

 All the stone work outside is done... She still needs some shutters.
This is the color the kitchen and breakfast nook will be. I will be painting the night we close.
There's my hammered copper sink... That Michael Neal doesn't ever have to wash a dish in. That was the deal when he let me get it.
This is a close up of the vent mantle. 
The cupboards still look a little naked. Thats because they still need the hardware and the glass inserts. The glass inserts give me a headache. There were 20 emails back and forth about them and they still weren't put in. But whatever, It will get fixed.
The counter tops went in today. Its hard to tell in the pictures what color they are, But they are a sandy beige-y color with copper and brown specks. This top picture is the actual color of them. {That's the kitchen pallet}

The master vanities, well, One of them at least.
The master vanity with the counter tops. Believe it or not, These are the same cabinet. The lighting was different.
Remember those brick floors I mentioned... They are by far my favorite thing that has gone in so far. This is the mudroom entry from the garage.
Eventually, this is what the mudroom will look like. Minus the wood floors obviously. But the cabinets have to wait a little while. The builder wanted something stupid like $7,500 to put this in. So we opted out and have gotten a few different bids, and unless someone can get it down to $1,000 {Which you cant even buy the wood for} Then it has to wait a while... But I was planning ahead:)

I might die... This WILL be in the next house. 
 Or this is the other option... {It would save us quite a bit of money,} I'm pretty handy and I'm fairly certain I could build this. {Note that I said I...Mike's theory is that he funds the projects and I carry them out, It's a good system that works for us.} And if I can't, Well, I can always stop mid project, fly my dad out from Utah, and make him finish it. {Or build the whole thing} Either way, as long as it gets done, I'll be a happy camper.
 So there we are. I'm ready. I way past ready. And with the washing machine broken, a landlord that is in NO hurry to fix it, some stupid vertical blinds that are constantly falling down, and a neighbor who always slams their door, and kids who are constantly waking each other up because they sleep in the same room, It makes me wish it were yesterday that we moved. 
However, that being said, this has been a really fun process. And I think I will be sad to have it end. It's like Christmas every day something new gets done. But one that I hope I never have to do again. It's been stressful, and still is... and it's been long... VERY long. But we are closer than we were yesterday.

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  1. Just beautiful!!! I am soooo happy for you guys!!!