Friday, October 5, 2012

I've been stewing over a lot of things recently. Mostly with how different I want to be living my day to day life with my children. I have been feeling {For quite some time} That my life just isn't what I want it to be. I mean with the things that we are spending time on, and the things that we aren't spending time on.
Our days usually look like this {This is since school started about two months ago}

7:30am wake up rush to eat and get kids dressed and out the door by 8:30
9:00 drop kids off and go to gym
11:30 leave gym to pick up lala
12:00-2:30 waste time doing who knows what while we wait to pick up Blake
3:00 pick up blake
3:30 get home get snacks pick up a little bit, fight to get homework done
5:00 start dinner
6:00 eat
7:00 bed.

Then we do it all again the next day.

Growing up all I wanted to be was a mom. I wanted to be the mom that did crafts with the kids, and helped them with their numbers and letters. I wanted to be the mom that taught them music lessons, I wanted to be the mom that read books to them all the time. I wanted to be the mom that threw fun parties. I wanted to be the mom that surprised my kids with little presents on random days. I wanted to be the mom that my kids deserve.

But recently, "Life" Has gotten in the way. I hate that my kids aren't with me during the day. I hate that we fight for two hours to get homework done after he is exhausted from being at school for 6 hours with only a 30 minute recess.

I have come to the conclusion that I want my kids home with me at least for a little bit longer. We will fight for those two hours and do the numbers and letters and then we will spend the other hours doing the things that I think are important for them to learn. Music, cooking, scripture stories, and having fun together.

I have decided that after the move I am going to home school them. I want these years with them.
I want to stop spending hours wasting time running from one school to the next. And when the school on our street opens and everyone is on the same school scheduel and we aren't spending crazy amounts of time in the car, And they are a bit bigger and I have had a bit more time with them, Then I will send them back to public school.

There is also another reason I have come to this conclusion.
Blake is dyslexic. He needs some special therapies to help him get to where he needs to be. So we will start those as soon as we get to the other side of town and can find someone who can do help him with that, But my mom taught 5 of us that had this problem, So I will be using the same method at home with him that she used with us.

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  1. That's the exact same one that my mom used to teach me how to read. I'm pretty sure that Grandma did too. My mom just sent me her old copy so that I could use it to teach Eliana. I think it is a fantastic method. I hope that the homeschooling goes awesomely for you guys. And I totally get wanting the time with your kids. It's amazing how fast they grow up.