Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our walk through is tomorrow. We are scheduled to close the Monday after. 1/2 the house is in boxes, And the other 1/2 I am just pretending it will pack itself. There's a few things that still need worked out on the house, {The fence is the only one that I am slightly concerned about, But it will get worked out} I'm kind of stressed, But not really. I probably should be, But I think I am just not facing reality. It's easier that way. 
We have a Halloween party almost every night this week, And I still have to finish one more costume, I'm just going at life as normal, like the whole moving thing isn't happening. After all, I can't just skip the Halloween festivities, It does happen to be my FAVORITE holiday.
Want a sneek peek?
Cutest sidekick ever right??

 Plus the regular school scheduel, and you know, packing the house up. So I will resume the blog after we get settled. Thanks for the help. Thanks for babysitting. And hey, If anyone wants to join me for a paint party on Monday the 29th, Holla at me. I'll pay you in pizza, soda and love. And you can come see the house. {Am I the only one that likes to creep and see other peoples houses? Does that make me a weirdo?}

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