Sunday, November 4, 2012

This is the place

(I am on my phone and typing with fat fingers so excuse any typos)
We are here. Finally in our forever home. However, I still have no internet, tv or cell phone reception. (We have zero bars and no service in the house) I have to go get a cell tower.
Moving, not so smooth. The movers were slower than molasses and of course they are paid by the hour. So it cost us double what we paid for the last move and what we had budgeted. And they put all the boxes in the front two rooms and I had to carry them upstairs to their final destinations. (they would have taken them upstairs, but I figured we would have been there another 5 hours and I didn't have time or money for that.
We still have to get the swing set taken apart and moved and put back up. We are waiting on a trailer. Mikes uncle is going to help us move it but we have to get everyones schedules aligned. In pretty sure that thing will make my life much easier. The kids LOVE being outside already, I can't imagine what it'll be like when they have a swing set.
My mom from Utah is here. Thank heavens. It was perfect timing because I really needed help with kids and boxes. The goal is to get the kids rooms done while she is here. Oh yes, and it's good she's here to take care of the kids because I have strep. I'm pretty sure I have had it for about a week but I just didn't have time to go to the Dr. I've been running myself ragged and so maybe it's a good thing it finally knocked me flat. So I have no choice but to slow down a bit.
Furnishing a house without going into debt is hard. It's really hard. But we are determined to do it and so if that means that a few rooms sit empty for a while, so be it.
So craigslist and garage sales have been my go to. There are a few things in the house that I bought new like a lamp and pillow covers, but all on sale and all with a coupon. However, this is what am most proud of at the moment... My $5 garage sale leather chair.
We aren't talking like cheap bonded leather either. This is the good stuff.
I originally wanted to purchase a little lounge chair from Ballard. But it was going to set us back about $1,000. (I cannot stand fake bonded leather so I was not going cheap on that piece) so I searched craigslist and found one that was suitable but it was still $500. A good savings, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it. It was just too much money. I knew I could find something else. And so sure enough we (Sarah, and my brother in law Barrett) were out garage sale-ing on Saturday and I spotted this thing from a mile away, jumped out of the car almost before Sarah had time to stop it, and asked the lady how much, praying it wasn't sold already. "$5" the lady said. I almost died. I was thinking at least $100. I quickly paid the lady and hauled that thing off happy as could be. So, that's where we are at. Still trying to unpack and get settled. I'll post a few pictures when I get the Internet hooked back up.


  1. Ok, now this is just too much...are you making this stuff up? $5?? That is a nice looking chair, $5?? You're pulling my leg! It must smell like cat urine or there used to be a family of racoons living in the cushion. I just can't believe it.

  2. A cat did scratch it up a bit but I took some shoe polish to (and a vacuum) it, and buffed the crap out of it, and good as new, well ,good as new as in it looks like a distressed beat up piece of leather from restoration hardware. I'm happy with it. No, actually, I am pretty in love with it. And true story $5 bucks.

  3. WOW I am really impressed with your chair!!! And from the pictures I have seen of your house it is beautiful!! Hope I can get out there soon. Hope your are feeling better. You need oils!