Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today was a wonderful day. My beautiful little Lala turned 5, Blake learned to ride his bike without training wheels, Lala is not far behind him, {maybe tomorrow she'll have it down} and my rug came. I'm living the dream my friends. As my best friend would say, these are the good ol' days. Yes, yes they are. These are the days I'm going to cherish. Simple, ordinary, happy joyful days with this sweet family of ours. This house is slowly becoming our home, but today it especially seemed "homey." I saw our families gathered around laughing and playing and as I looked around and it finally felt like it was not just our house, but it was our home. I don't do well with change, even when it's change that I want and plan.... So this has been a bit rough for me emotionally, but I have slowly started to wrap my head around it and get to a new normal. I know this is the best place for our family to be, and I absolutely love it, there's just some little pieces and conveniences of our old life that I miss. But this move has fulfilled so many of my dreams, and has allowed me so much more time with my sweet family and the simpler, more family and Gospel centered life I have always wanted. Today was one of the good old days that Michael and I will look back on and cherish and hold tight in our hearts.

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