Saturday, October 13, 2012

One mans trash is my treasure.

I am really up to my earballs in stress, boxes, projects, and kids.
Our walk through is a week from monday. And we close a week after that.
Holy cow. I have a lot to do.

The house is beautiful. It's more than I could have ever imagined it would be. Mike and I went through yesterday and it was the first time I had seen the correct backsplash, {The first one that was put in was the wrong color, And it looked terrible. just a little miscommunication, But they fixed it quickly and without issue.} And the wood floors were put in... And my stove. Oh my stove.
I was fighting as hard as I could to not burst into tears. I was so overwhelmed and grateful, and couldn't believe that this was going to be ours.

Here was the list we were waiting on and here are the things that have been completed.
The garage door and front doors need painted. {They were doing that today}
The shutters need installed
The lawn, landscaping, irrigation, and fence need done
The backsplash in the kitchen
Glass inserts in the kitchen cabinet doors
wood floors need installed
carpet needs installed
stairs need stained
stone work on the fireplace 
We are so close. 
Sarah and I went garage sale-ing today.
It was one of the best, most successful hauls I've had. 
I got blake a bag of boy dress up clothes for $5. Retail new - at least $100.
optimus prime
swat team leader
army dude
spider man
a knight

A disney store sleeping beauty dress in fantastic condition.
I paid $5. Retail new $45
A Barbie Jammin Jeep power wheel for $40. Retails new - $290
{I got Blake and LaLa a power wheel on target clearance last year and paid $75 a piece and so this one is for Kynzi because we all know LaLa would never let Kynzi drive}
Product Image

A pair of sperrys for LaLa... get this... I PAID ONE DOLLAR. Retail new is $50
  A pair of Gap zebra print shoes for LaLa -$1.00 Retail new $29
3 Gap shirts $1 each. Retail new-$13 each
Pair of cowgirl boots for lala $2. Retail new $15

A mirror for the girls room-$10. Retail at least $40. {And thats with a coupon from hobby lobby}
An old school desk $20

But my best deal and favorite score of the century... 
This swing set. 
We were going to buy a new one when we moved anyways so finding one at a garage sale was beyond awesome!!!
I paid $500.
Retail new for this particular one is $1200. 
And bonus... I don't have to put it together from a million pieces. 

So, Total saved by buying other peoples "junk"... Instead of new.


The only advice I have is to be picky. VERY picky, Don't just buy junk. Know what you want and don't settle. It's so easy to get caught up in the moment and buy junk just because its a good deal. Or to buy something you will never use just because its a good deal. Only buy it if you need it and will use it.
That being said. I have no shame in proclaiming to the world that I buy used things. I buy other peoples trash.  And you know what? I save a LOT of money doing it.
I don't know why some people think they are "above" that, But they are missing out!

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