Friday, October 5, 2012

The washer broke two weeks ago. And our less than fantastic land lord will not fix it. I can't even talk about it. This lady makes me so mad. 
However, It just makes reason number 450 that I won't be getting a front loader for the new house. 
They are really expensive to fix, and break down quite often. 
So, I have 3 more weeks without a washing machine. Awesome. Especially since we cloth diaper. Now I am having to buy disposable diapers. I am not a fan.

So far on the house we are waiting for...

The garage door and front doors need painted.
The shutters need installed
The lawn, landscaping, irrigation, and fence need done
The backsplash in the kitchen
Glass inserts in the kitchen cabinet doors
wood floors need installed
carpet needs installed
stairs need stained
stone work on the fireplace

Pretty sure that's all we are waiting on. The house will be complete in 16 days. We will move in 24. 

Projects have been at an all time high.
I painted the boys dresser {free dresser from my moms house}
I painted a 2 ft by 3 ft mirror for the girls room {its been sitting in the garage waiting to be used for two years} I used left over paint from their dresser so that was a no money out of pocket project.
I got/made some throw pillows for the living room

But my favorite "project" was our bed. Michael and I have always slept on a box spring and a mattress that sat on the floor. So this was a big deal. I finally feel like a grown up. We have a real bed!! We have carried life insurance for 5 years, But the bed is what finally made me an adult ;)

Remember this post. When I said it was killing me that some sucker was going to get a steal of a deal on the Pottery Barn sleigh bed I wanted... Guess who that sucker was.... 

I hadn't asked Mike to buy it when I first saw the ad because I assumed that he wanted me to wait, because we had just spent a lot of money on the couches, And so I put off calling the guy because I figured surely the ad was old and the bed was gone and he hadn't taken it down. Well, It was killing me so much that I just had to know... So I inquired. He told me it was still available. So, I picked it up the next day. I would have picked it up that night but the bank was already closed. {That's the one bad thing about craigslist, All cash. No card, Which is actually a really good thing I suppose depending on how you look at it.} So, $1250 Pottery Barn Valencia Sleigh bed for $400. It isn't the exact one I wanted originally, The one I wanted has different feet, But for a $850 savings, I can live with those feet. There was a small ding where the wood had chipped a bit, But I just took a $5 wood stain pen to it, and now you can't even tell that it was there.
 We need new bedding obviously, We have never even had a duvet cover, and we sleep on clearance Target sheets. So I will be getting that after we move. And when you come over to my house, You don't even need to ask me where I got something, because the answer 99% of the time will be Pottery Barn Via Craigslist. And I really cannot tell you how fantastic the quality of Pottery Barn is. There really is a difference between them and the cheaper versions. Obviously not enough of a difference for me to pay full price, But enough of a difference that I will pay a little bit more on craigslist and get PB quality instead of even cheaper cheap crap from craigslist.
 Here are my grand plans for our master bedroom retreat. I wanted to keep it very neutral with just a few accents of my favorite color. 

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