Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Showing the townhouse is a really weird thing. I hate knowing that random strangers are walking through my house.  I was totally thinking, What if they are just robbers scoping to see if I have anything good to steal, Or the best way to get in my house, and where the obstacles are and how to avoid them...And I took all the pictures down. Am I a weirdo? Paranoid? Maybe... Probably. 

I have been craigs-listing a bunch too... Well, I was... And then Mike put me on craigslist restriction. I'm not allowed to buy anything else right now. And UGH! When I looked today, the sleigh bed I want from pottery barn was listed for $450!!! Normally $1,200 plus. BAAAAHHH! And a side table from PB and the matching coffee table for $500. Thats like a 70% savings! I can't tell you how much it killed me to know that some other sucker was going to get that deal and have those beauties sitting in their home and not me!

I haven't been out to the house for about a week, So I am sure there's more progress, But I won't have an update until tomorrow.
I got a call today from our builders office wanting to confirm our closing date. We had originally thought that the closing date was going to be October 20th. Well, It's now October 29th. This is a pain in a butt for several reasons.

1- The days are dragging on and an extra 9 days seems like an eternity
2- That means Mike will be at work while I deal with the move. Taking time off at the end of the month isn't an option.
3- I have the 2 days to have everything moved and the townhouse cleaned, carpets cleaned and fresh paint. Extending the lease with our less than awesome greedy landlord is not an option. We have to be out and have this place clean by the 31st.
4- Um, Halloween is smack in the middle of this mess. My poor kids.
5- Painting the new house before we move in so the kids dont touch wet paint, Yeah, Don't have time for that now.

It was just a huge disappointment when I got that news today. But all things considered, Whatever, It's not a big deal, there's nothing I can do to change it, And stressing about it wont help, fix, or change it. It's just going to make my life a little more chaotic. But I'm used to that. And I will totally forget those crazy 2 or 3 days after we are in and settled... Well, Until a kid touches wet paint and I think back to how I wish I could have painted before we moved in. {If you're wondering why I am painting, It's because the builder wanted an extra $200 or something stupid like that to paint each room a different color. I got to pick one color that they will paint the entire house. Or it would have cost me a billion dollars.}

Alright, Random ranting is over. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 

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