Saturday, September 1, 2012

 Man alive, My life is chaos right now. We have a lot on our plate right now.
The good news is... IT IS SEPTEMBER!!! I can officially say we are moving NEXT MONTH!!!!

 The property management wants to start showing the townhouse this week. Awesome, Because keeping a house clean 24/7 with 4 kids under 5 years old is a walk in the park. Not to mention cleaning the carpets and painting over Kynzi's artwork so that when the realtor walks in she doesn't automatically say, WOAH! They are SO not getting their deposit back! So, I am frantically trying to do damage repair and control.

Monday Brent got ahold of one of the kids peanut protein bars and within seconds was COVERED in hives, and he was pulling at his tongue and scratching his face and neck, and his face was bright red. So after 2 HUGE doses of Benadryl the situation was under control. So we are awaiting the allergy test results. I am terrified of the results. I already know what's coming. This kid is allergic to everything already. I don't know how I am going to handle a full blown peanut allergy on top of everything else. And in addition to that lovely news, he has croup again. We were 5 seconds from taking him to the emergency room again tonight. He's doing a bit better but is still having some trouble breathing and so I am sure I will get no sleep tonight and I'll be up every two seconds to check on him.

Preschool and kindergarten have ruined my life. The two little kids don't get naps because we are in the car, out the car, in the car, out the car, So they are GRUMPY ALL DAY. I have NO time, and I get NOTHING accomplished. All I do is drive, drop kids off, pick kids up, and wait in carpool lines. And the school is 5 minutes away! At the new house, They are building a school on our street, So that will be so fantastic! However, It won't be done until the 2014 school year, So until then the kids are being bussed to a school that is 15 MILES from our house, Because they are so overcrowded. We won't let Blake ride the bus, and I certainly am not driving that drive, because it has totally made my life a living nightmare and its only 5 miles away right now! I can only imagine how unproductive my life would be then. So we have been faced with making a choice between, A) Home school. I mean, Its only kindergarten, surely I could do it. B) Home school / Have a tutor come in once or twice a week. C) Private school that costs a fortune. D) drive to China. or rather, Switzerland... literally. We haven't made a decision, and to be honest, I am kind of just hoping it magically all works out somehow... Sigh... Wishful thinking.

 While we are on the subject... Blake hates school, I think he is starting to warm up to it, But it's a fight every morning to get him to go. (He still wants to be in Miss Michelle's class.) LaLa on the other hand loves school and does so so well. She brought home her packet that was supposed to take the whole week... Yeah, She brought it home on Tuesday... Complete. Blake used to bring those packets home on the weekends because he never finished them in class. Boys are SO different than girls.

 I am back on the bandwagon... I have to get my eating under control. I have been eating my stress. And it is taking a toll. Eat crap, feel like crap. True story. I have been doing good for the last week, No slip ups, Not even a lick of the frosting beater! That's will power. Now, I wasn't doing too bad before, I just have an addiction to red vines and cinnamon rolls. Okay, maybe it was that bad. (And yes, I was eating that in the car with my fingers because all I do is drive and pick up and drop off kids at random times of the day. And yes, that is a batman in the cup holder, And no I haven't given up zipfizz yet.)
 Is this baby's hair insane or what? It is becoming a battle to get her to keep anything in it these days, So she looks like a crazy little lion running around with this mane of hers.
 I bit the bullet and made a decision for the girls bedrooms. I couldn't love it more. I am so excited to get their room put together.
 The house is coming along. All the plumbing and electrical are in, and inspections are passed, and they will start drywall Monday. This week was a nightmare trying to get the stove and the cabinets right. First they sent me a picture that didn't even remotely resemble our kitchen. And it took about 15 e mails to get it right. And then I was sent a picture to confirm our a range. Well, Slight problemo... They had sent me a picture of a range top for the kitchen. Uh.... I might need an oven. Then the bathroom cabinets were a headache... Did you know that they make cabinets for the bathroom without drawers? Um, I had never seen that before, and so I didn't know that to have drawers in your master bathroom vanities, it was an upgrade... lesson learned. ASK DUMB QUESTIONS (That you don't even think to ask or know to ask) When you build a house.

This was this afternoon. In Florida, They don't have to put insulation in-between your interior walls. (Weird right?) So our awesome contractor told us he'd let us in to do it ourselves so we didn't have to pay for it. We did it for sound proofing reasons. Our 4 kids are loud! So, Michael and I went up after he got off work and went and put it in... In 92 degree weather. upstairs in a house that has no fans or ac. It was beyond hot and humid. Who in the heck came to Florida before air conditioning was invented and said, Hey, This is a nice place to live? Idiots. That's who. Anywho, I didn't mind so much, I love stuff like this... It's in my Mexican blood! Mike however, wasn't as thrilled to do it. But he did it! And we did it without someone (Mike) Shooting someone (Me) For micromanaging and being Obsessive compulsive!~ WINNING!

Any how, I am stressed to maximum capacity. However, I am so extremely grateful for our blessings. I am so grateful that we have medicine to help Brent fight the things that poison his body. I am so grateful he is in our lives. His smile and laugh brings so much joy to my heart. I am grateful that all of my children are healthy and that they are growing and progressing. Kynzi's speech has come so so far in the last few weeks. It truly is a tender mercy from the Lord. He is so mindful of us. And he does hear our prayers. And he does answer them. Not always in the way we want and not always in the time that we want. But he does answer them and his ways are higher than ours. He knows what he's doing. I am so grateful that we have the gospel of Jesus Christ and that we have that blessing of peace and security in our lives. I am beyond grateful for the love of my life that I get to share these experiences with. I love Michael more than I could ever say. I really do think that he is as close to perfect as they come. Our life is nowhere close to perfect, and it certainly isn't as easy as we would sometimes like it to be, But as imperfect and as hard as it is, It is still wonderful. There is joy in the journey... It's just sometimes a little bit hidden and we have to look for it before we can find it.

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