Wednesday, September 19, 2012

 been there
Today started off just so awesome that I can't do anything but laugh.

I put my pants on inside out and had to walk the kids into school like that. No big deal, everyone does that every once in a while right?

Mike was going to take the day off and we were going to let the kids play hookie and skip school and take everyone to the splash park. Well, Mike went into work for the morning and we decided to send them to school and just go afterwards since today is early release. Well, that doesn't seem so bad right? That part wasn't. I make the kids lunches the night before. I hadn't done that. And I had not taken Blakes lunchbox out of his backpack from the night before. Well, When I went to go get it to put todays lunch in it, I opened it only to discover that he didn't finish his rice, and didn't put the lid back on, and instead of putting his half eaten yogurt in the trash at school, He put it back in his lunch box. It was a nasty stinky mess. Not to mention I didn't have anything quick to throw in a lunch for him. So my son went to school today with a bento box, not in a lunch box, filled with a frozen brownie, pretzels, a piece of homemade bread, freeze dried yogurt from our food storage, and some organic FROZEN chicken nuggets. Fully cooked obviously. Man alive. Awesome mom right? At least it's an organic lunch right?

Today while I was taking my vitamins and pills, I was rushing, and didn't realize that I grabbed the melatonin bottle instead of my allergy medicine bottle. Until it was too late. Yep. I took a 5mg melatonin at 8am. It's made for an awesome morning. Hey, Well, I may be tired and can barley keep my eyes open, But hey, my stress levels are at an all time low!

Happy Wednesday... and it's only 10:30am! 

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  1. Dude. That SUCKS about the melatonin... and it's kind of funny. Bailey did the SAME thing with her lunch box, with soup... a few times... I thought maybe it was just a her thing... I'm glad it's age appropriate!