Friday, September 21, 2012

38 days and counting... Here's where we are.

 All the wood trim is in. And all the interior doors are in. Ceilings and walls are all painted.
 Upon the paint drying, it looks much less orange-e terracotta-e. I don't hate it quite as much. Don't get me wrong, it's still more yellow than I'd like, I don't LOVE it, and there will be lots of new paint colors going up, But I can live with this color until I can get to all the walls.
 All the tile is in. {Bathroom floors, showers, food storage room, and the laundry room} I drove out today not really planning to, But I made a run to whole foods and the two little ones were asleep and they needed a nap before we had to get Blake so I decided to take a drive. It's a good thing that I did because the guy that was laying the brick floors in the mudroom didn't know what pattern he was supposed to be laying them in. As I was walking through he asked me if I was the owner and he said he had a question. {Thank heavens he spoke English. I'm not really sure what he was planning to do if I didn't show up?}So it was good that I was there so I could show him a picture. Any how, We got it all figured out, and hopefully those went in this afternoon too. And hopefully they are in right.

 They were working on the stone outside while I was there too. It looked like they had just started on it. There is a ton of stone work that is going on. And the fireplace will be this stone as well. Oh and I love love love the exterior paint color and stone color. The stone color goes so great with the roofing color. {I was slightly nervous when I first saw the roof color, it's a reddish brown and all of our neighbors have grey or black shingles. We stuck out like a sore thumb. But it looks so great together. {Not to toot my own horn. This was all dumb luck that they go so well together. Because I'll be honest, I was terrified as I was picking all these colors and trims. And I am so lucky that the outside color is what I was hoping it would be. It is so so different when you are looking at 2 inches of this color and when you are looking at an entire house of this color. It's a lot of pressure picking all these things out man. If someone hates the curb appeal of your house its 100% your own fault. If the neighbors think your house is the ugly duckling of the street, that's your fault. Or when you are trying to sell it {Not that we are ever planning to do that} if someone hates it, It's your fault. I seriously got so dumb lucky. The only things I am kind of worried about now is the front doors and the garage doors. They are going in brown. We did this so that we could have a faux wood paint treatment done to them. {as much as I wanted it, real wood in Florida is just not a good idea because of the humidity and warping} But now I am looking at it, and I really think I'd be okay with white. {Don't tell Mike that, Because we had to pay extra for the brown. He is probably going to shoot me!} Oh well, Maybe I will love love love the brown. Who knows. I think I just need to see it.
So, That's where we are. Part of me is like, what the heck do they need 38 more days for? Extreme Home Makeover does it in like a week, Just hurry up and get my floors in and my kitchen in and let me move in! But it is really exciting seeing all the little things going in. It's like Christmas everyday that something new gets started!

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