Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sticks in the ground

This is pretty much a terrible picture of both of us, But it's the only one we have together in front of the beginnings of our forever house.

Michael and I had a meeting with our contractor this afternoon. It was our first time meeting the guy who was actually building our house. His name is Josh, Michael and I both really really liked him. He's easy going, and laid back, cool as a cucumber, but I am totally confident in his ability to get the job done right. He's a straight shooter. He tells us how it is... Which we both like. He will tell us if it can be done, or if it can't, It's that simple with him. He listened to me and took a genuine interest in making sure he understood what I wanted and was eager to make it turn out the way that I envisioned it. From the kitchen island to the electric outlet in the bathrooms. I think that he will make this process much much better and less stressful. He's just a cool guy. 

So, on our way to the meeting we were a few minutes early and decided to drive down our street. And low and behold we came to our site and saw sticks in the ground and thought, "this can't possibly be ours, They haven't started yet." Well, We were wrong, They did start! We were pleasantly surprised. It made this whole process begin to seem real. {At least to me, I'm sure it was real to Mike after he handed over the check.} I was a hot mess of emotions. First, Ecstatic & giddy, Then, fear and panic. "Are we really moving out here?" Away from my comfort zone? We have lived in the same ward {Our church congregation} Pretty much since we got married. I have been a part of that ward for 10 years. The entire time I have lived in Florida. We are really sad to be leaving, But also excited for a new chapter and the opportunity to meet more people. We have visited our new ward and we loved it there too. And just because we are moving doesn't mean we won't see everyone ever again... There will be LOTS of parties and get togethers at the Hicks House. I am excited to be able to have people over again. I love entertaining. We don't have the space here obviously, It'd be like stuffing a pregnant lady into spanx... Tight fit...Very tight fit... 
Sorry, I got a bit carried away on a tangent... Where was I?... Ah yes, Fear... Well, It isn't the first time that I have had that feeling concerning the house. But every time I have prayed about it, I feel the sweetest peace and assurance that the Lord is mindful of our situation and that he approves. I don't necessarily think that this is one of those times where the Lord told us where to go specifically, But I think that he approves of the choice that we made based on the knowledge that he gave us, and knows that we will be in his service wherever we are. I heard these words and thought them rather profound, And I have taken a liking to them. I have prayed and meditated on what it means to me and I hope that in whatever situation you find yourself in you can find comfort in these words that speak to my soul. 
"Peace that fights through the fear."
That peace comes only in and through our Savior Jesus Christ.

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