Saturday, July 28, 2012

This was an exciting week!

 This was the prep for the foundation.

 It looks so small when its just the foundation. Mike was standing on one side of the house looking to the other, thinking to himself, "There is going to be a storage room, mud room and kitchen all right here? How is this going to fit??
 The house across the street is almost done being framed and they started it last week! It's crazy how fast they can get these things up!
 Wet cement... You have no idea how tempted I was to go stick my hand in this... {I refrained... But only because I didn't have anywhere to wash my hand}

It is really exciting to know that this is where we will raise our family. It was a sweet and spiritual experience for us to go and stand where that foundation is. It was wonderful to think that this is the literal foundation upon which our childrens testimonies will be rooted. This is the home where Michael and I have the glorious privilege to teach these precious souls the gospel of Jesus Christ. Where we get to help them gain a relationship with their Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. The living room where we will sit every night and read scriptures as a family, and strengthen each other in the gospel. The family room where we will kneel morning and night together and thank the Lord for our blessings. The dining room table that we will sit around and make memories with friends and family. The bedrooms where sweet little prayers will be offered up from the mouths of babes to a loving and merciful Father in Heaven. 

Here we will establish our home. A house of prayer, A house of fasting, A house of faith, A house of learning, A house of glory, A house of order, A house of God.

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