Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I have a HUGE project in transforming this....

So, Mike and I have slightly different ideas on how we should furnish the new house. Mike would craigslist our whole house... I would buy Pottery Barn, Ballard, and Restoration Hardware everything. So we have to compromise a bit. I will Craigslist a bit, and he will buy me some Pottery Barn, Well, He'll let me buy some Pottery Barn. We went "furniture browsing" last week and I will not let that joker have any say in what goes in our house design wise {Not that I think he'd want a part in that}... But he will have to help me keep the budget in check. {Which he will want to be a HUGE part of.}

{P.S. Have you ever tried to type while you have a band-aid on the tip of your index finger? It's a pain in the butt and takes twice as long.}

We have come to the agreement that when we move in we want the kids rooms done, So that when they walk in for the first time they have their own little space and it feels like their "home." And we promised the kids that there will be a swing set in the back yard at the new house, and they talk about it everyday. So we can't get out of that one. Why do kids have memories like an elephant? They never forget anything! And the front room is a priority. We NEED new couches. We bought ours, Well, That's not true, My parents from Utah bought them for us. But they were preowned when we got them, and they are beat to sleep 6 years later. Those are the things that we agree on... however we do not agree on how to get there. IE, I want leather, He wants cloth.
 In our 6 years of marriage we have had maybe 3 disagreements. For the most part he lets me do what I want. He knows I'm responsible and budget conscious, But he also knows that my flesh is weak when it comes to pretty things. Now let me also remind you that I am married to one of the best car salesmen ever born. He negotiates for a living. And he is very very good at it. But I was born with a 6th sense for knowing how to get what I want. You put the two of us together, and if we are on the same side, We are unstoppable. But when we are on opposite sides, We come to a stalemate.

For example. Lets talk beds.

The kids beds. I HATE bunk beds. For several reasons, But mostly because I hate the way they look. Well, Mike laid the law down {very gently, lovingly and politely} and said this is their room and they should have what they want, not what I want. {insert eye roll here} Blah blah blah, Well, He won that one. They will have bunk beds. However, We couldn't agree on which bunk beds to get. I fell in LOVE with a set from Costco... It is only $500. They come apart, So they can be used later on down the road when they don't want bunk beds anymore... That comes to $250 per bed. AND it's a twin over a full. They are BEAUTIFUL. I told him about them, he decided he would google "bunk beds" To make sure that was a good price I suppose. And found a set for $350 and free shipping. THEY ARE AWFUL. Oh heavens they are terrible, They are SO UGLY.  He's a man, And doesn't care what they look like, all he sees is $. I see money and style. I don't think we should put ugly stuff that we {I} don't like in our house, just so we can save a buck.
So, I said, "Hey how about I'll save the difference and I'll buy the girls beds on craigslist. So I can spend a little extra on the boys bed. Well, We still haven't come to a resolution about the boys beds, But I did craigslist the girls beds... In hopes to sway him to let me buy the Costco set for the boys.
So, Now, I have a HUGE project in transforming this.... {You know, Because I have so much extra time to spend on projects like this}

Into a beautiful shabby chic masterpiece that will compliment their grey and pink bedding.

girls room!!
Hear me out... I know its ugly... Right now. But I LOVE the lines on that bunk bed. I knew I wanted an old school bed for the girls. I wanted a HEAVY quality bed that was already a little beat up, {More rustic shabby chic charm} and that had fantastic bones. I lucked out and found this beaut. We only paid $75. So I sent Mike to the other side of town, hoping that this person we were buying it from wasn't some phyco killer. Thankfully he wasn't. Actually he was a member of the church and was really nice and funny. And after we got the bed home, I fell even more in love with it. I'm planning on a new {prettier} ladder, But after that and some good ole' elbow grease, paint and glaze, It really is going to be magnificent. Now, I have done my fair share of painting, Mike jokes that we lost square footage in our old house because I painted so much. However I have never distressed or glazed or antiqued anything. So, This will be a new one for me. But I do have an expert teacher. {Thanks Viola!}
There's going to be several late nights and lots of brain cells lost thanks to paint fumes. Here's to savin' A buck & still being glamorous.

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  1. You are so funny, they are going to look great with that bedding!!! I just wish it wasn't to dang hot. I have been painting today, and I am dripping!!!