Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is going to be a LONG post. And rather random. I've been absent for quite some time.
We took a 2 or 3 week break from life. Everything really. No fun stuff because Brent has been really sick. No gym, no pool, no blogging. So let the rambling begin.

I'm pretty sure I could rule the world with baking soda vinegar and dawn dish soap. Since Brent has been sick, EVERYTHING has had to be clean. But I can't use chemicals because of his respiratory issues. So those were what I had. Just google or pinterest it. No joke magic. Don't mix them all together, (Think elementary school science fair volcano)  But in different combinations they are unstoppable, No joke my windows have never been this streak free. But I do suggest adding some essential oil so your house doesn't smell like vinegar.
Pepper has found a great new home. Tracey and Kali will make that little puppy super happy! The kids are totally fine emotionally, So I don't think we scarred them too bad. Note to self, and anyone else... Make sure ALL your kids aren't allergic before you promise the other kids a puppy. Whoops a daisy. Oh well, live and learn right? We do miss her, But Brent was able to stop his breathing treatments the day after she was gone. So that was a HUGE relief. He was getting so bad I thought that we were going to end up in the hospital again. I didn't think I was attached to that little bugger, But every time I think about her not being here I get way sad. {Which is weird because if you know me at all, You know I am a cold and heartless monster when it comes to animals. Okay, not really, I don't wish them any harm or anything, But I just don't fancy them most of the time.} So, I just can't think about it.
I spent a few days filling our freezer with meals. I got 20 breakfasts done, 12 dinners, and a bunch of bread and cinnamon roll dough for the next few weeks. I was putting it off until we moved and then I was going to do a HUGE freezer week and stock the deep freezer, But then decided that with school starting and packing and moving and all that junk, we were going to need quick meals or we were going to resort to chick fil a and little ceasars. Gross. So for $75 I did all those meals and it's all organic. If anyone really wants to know what I did, let me know and I'll post about it. But I figured there's enough stuff out there on pinterest and google, That I wouldn't take the time to sit and write about it.
Next, the house. We have plumbing! They will pour the foundation by the end of this week. Then framing is next week. WOOHOO! I can't wait. Seriously. These next couple of months can't go fast enough. I only have to pay the rent two more times!!! How crazy is that?!?!

 Isn't this little girl a cutie patootie in her little cloth diaper? We are between two kinds of diapers. Fuzzibunz, and Grovia. I like them both for different reasons, and for different kids. If you have ever even slightly thought of doing cloth. DO IT! Even if you haven't thought about it, TRY IT! We are total converts and wish I had found cloth sooner. Mike said he'd never change them if we switched to cloth, But guess who changes diapers still? And Also, I wish I had found the right diaper for each kid, That makes a HUGE difference.
 Yes, he is eating a roll off the floor. He's feeling much better these days. Don't worry, I just steam mopped the floor ;)
 We have also been trying to decide on furniture... It gives me a headache, And a slight panic attack. (For budget reasons) It's a whole lot different when you are writing checks from savings and not buying with credit... BIG DIFFERENCE. I am much much more conscious of how and what the money is being spent on.
 And then somewhere in my head I thought that I should save money and make LaLa's school clothes instead of buying them. I have tons of fabric that I need to use, And even though I will have to buy a bit more, These apron dresses cost me about $7 to make with designer fabric {about $8-$12 a yard}
 And these pants cost me about $8. I whipped both these puppies out in about 4 hours tonight. So, I'm thinking it may just be possible for me to get her enough clothes done before school starts.
I did just buy the girls my favorite t shirts for them from down east basics. They were $6.99 a piece and I had a 20% off coupon code from them in my email, So I stocked up for them while they had a good selection of colors. {they are always sold out} They are GREAT quality and they are about the same price as targets t-shirts. But they are WAY cuter.
 So there you have it, That's what we have been up to. Sick babies, cleaning, And of course laundry, and lots of play time. We have built blocks, read books, played horse and farmer, watched a bazillion Disney movies, and spent a LOT of time at the doctors office. Tomorrow {hopefully} we will be back at the gym and swimming pool, and all the fun stuff! NO MORE SICK BABIES!! Or almost broken fingers...The Beast... She is my accident prone one. I can tell already. There always has to be one doesn't there?

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