Thursday, July 5, 2012

When did I turn into a nerd? I have never been a huge "reader" I can count on my fingers the number of books I've read voluntarily. But I have not been able to put these two books down. In fact, I read them in 2 days, and have started them again. 

Book Title Here 
 Book Title Here

There is no secret to getting rich. It takes hard work and dedication. And the bottom line is, It comes down to spending less than you earn. Living below your means. 

I could literally go on for DAYS about why I love this book and why I think you should invest some effort into reading it, But I'll keep it short and sweet. 
I really hate when people say "such and such changed my life" It's so cliche. 
But in all honestly, This book has really changed my financial life, and the way that I think. It also gives a dose of reality, but at the same time provides hope for me that on whatever income we generate, we can save enough for retirement, and live a simple beautiful life in the process.
I really want you to read the book, and so I will share just one thing that he mentioned that changed the way I think. 

I used to think that people who lived in giant houses, and drove BMW's and Range Rovers were "wealthy." Well, Some of them very well may be. But the majority of them are not. They may drive nice cars and have expensive things, But their net worth, You know, Actual money they have to their name, is seriously lacking. And they can't even think about retirement, because they are constantly trying to keep up with their high consumption lifestyle. Always buying the newest and the greatest, And trying to keep up with the Joneses. They may make 6 figures a year, But they are not wealthy. They wear or drive their money. You can't retire in your car that has depreciated. You can't pay for your kids college with a coach purse. 
Most wealthy people live very humble lives. They shop at JcPenny, They don't eat at fancy restaurants, They drive 5 year old Toyotas And guess what, The majority of them don't live in giant houses, They live in houses valued at around $300,000 and they have lived there forever! They don't "Look" Like a millionaire. This perception that we have of what wealthy people do and what they are like, Is entirely wrong.

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