Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stretch knit, and snaps... Heaven help me.

Do you ever feel like you're king of the world? That was me last night! I haven't felt the thrill of accomplishment like this in quite some time! I couldn't get the goofy smile off my face! Let me elaborate. I seem to ignore making my little boys clothes just because, Well, One, If I'm taking the time to make something, little girls clothes are much cuter, So, I'd rather spend my time on those. But I decided that I needed to man up and make something for Brent. And I decided that I needed to challenge myself and learn to sew better on a stretch knit. Now, I've made a few skirts/dresses for myself out of knits, but Never anything so tiny, And definitely nothing with teeny tiny sleeves. But Katy, over at No Big Dill   {Take some time to look at her site, Holy amazing mom of 6 and PHENOMENAL seamstress!} inspired me to try something new with this post.
Stretch knit, and snaps... Heaven help me. It was a frustrating few days. I messed this thing up so many times it's not even funny, But alas, I am thoroughly pleased with the outcome, and confident in my new found abilities. See what happens when you stretch yourself and push yourself to do things you're scared of?!? Now, I feel like I am a snap expert, {Thanks to MANY trial and errors} And I also am confident in my abilities to make pretty much anything out of knit. It's really not so bad.
And as a side note, You remember my theory on not buying cheap crap, just wait until you can save enough to purchase quality things? I should have listened to myself. A while back I bought a cheap singer at Costco instead of waiting and saving for my bernina. And well folks, You get what you pay for. It lasted me a total of 6 months. When we move, {Because I can't spend ANYTHING until we close on the house,} I will be buying that Bernina to be the crowning jewel in my new fortress of sew-itude. {That's what I've decided to name my office, You know like superman has his fortress of solitude? Mike and I are both huge superman freaks} But For now, I've stolen my moms machine.

In between this is when I get to sew... My life is pretty wonderful. 

 Attempt one at a picture...
Isn't he a cutie patootie in his new outfit?

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