Monday, May 7, 2012

I am up to my earballs in studying, reading, preparing, Whatever you want to call it.
Today I sat Blake and LaLa down to practice writing their names, To my surprise, LaLa was done in seriously no more than 5 minutes, Perfect lines, neat and tidy.... And then there was Blake, The kid sat there and whined about doing it for 45 min, and wasted his day and mine. Finally he did it. In 2 minutes might I add, It's not like this is new stuff to him folks, He does it everyday. So, after that little incident, I got to thinking, I really need to do better at spending more time with just those two working on letters, numbers, and reading. So I started looking around for a preschool curriculum to do with them for the summer, and stumbled across this blog and am thrilled with what she's put together. So that's what will fill our afternoons this summer. You know, In between pool time. So I spent the last few hours looking at that and planning out the logistics of it all. So there's time consuming project number one.

Then, I'm also studying and reading and researching for a talk/power point thingy, I have to give on Friday night at out Stakes {Church's} high school senior recognition night. Which, I am excited for, but also terrified. Not to mention I've completely lost my voice. And I have no idea what I'm going to say yet. If I can even talk.
And lastly, It may seem crazy, But it takes me an entire week to prepare my Sunday school lesson. {I teach the 16-18 year olds} I'm slow to comprehend okay? And this week our lesson is on Abinadi. He is a prophet from biblical times in the Book of Mormon. He happens to be my favorite prophet in the Book of Mormon,  {Peter from the New Testament is my all time favorite, Ask me about that sometime, I could go on for days} Any who, So I just want to make sure I know my stuff and that I put the time and effort in that it deserves.
Okay, well, When I write it out, it really doesn't seem like a lot, But in real life, It is. Well, It is with 4 kids, a sinus infection, house plans, dishes, laundry, yada yada yada. You know, Another day in the life, Just living the dream, folks. Just living the dream. So I may be MIA until next Monday, I have a lot of unfinished projects that are waiting to be finished and shared, But they will just have to wait.

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