Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blake and LaLa both fell asleep at 4:00 this afternoon. I let them sleep for a bit, because they both needed it. Their behavior towards one another was out of control. They were going at it, And then Blake jumped on LaLa for stealing his airplane, and knocked the wind out of her and hurt her pretty badly. I was so mad, and at the same time heart broken. How does that sweet little man have that kind of a temper? We're working on that. I put him in time out. After that we sat and had a long talk. I asked him why he didn't control himself like we have practiced, {walking away or counting}, and then explained to him that he hurt Lexi, himself, me, and God. I told him that first he needed to apologize to Lexi for hurting her, then he needed to apologize to me, because he hurt my child and I love her and when she is hurt I am hurt, Just the same as it would be with him or any of my other children. And then he needed to go upstairs to his bed and have a talk on his knees with his heavenly father. He needed to tell Him that he was sorry for mistreating one of his daughters, and ask for forgiveness. And lastly he needed to forgive himself, and do his best to not do it again and control his temper next time. Yes, I had this talk with a 5 year old, and he understood every word of it.
He went upstairs and offered the sweetest little prayer. His words were muffled with his sobs, not crying because he was in trouble, but because he was disappointed in himself. He was truly sorry... And then he fell asleep.

I knew I was going to pay for letting them sleep though... and sure enough, here it is 11:00 at night, and guess who came down the stairs asking for a drink and a little snack... it's rare that Blake and I get moments to be just the two of us, So I told him he could come down. "Mom, Can I have a cinnamon roll?" {They were leftover from breakfast}  "Sure bud, hop up to the table and we will have a warm cinnamon roll and some milk, would that help you fall asleep?" "Yes Ma'am!" I sat across the table from that little boy and gazed into his innocent little eyes and marveled at how big he's grown, and wondered how these 5 years have gone so fast. We sat and talked and shared a few sweet moments together. He is not a perfect young man, Nobody is... If we don't make mistakes, How do we learn? That little boy is more amazing than I could ever put into words. The way that he understood the situation today, and how much it pained him that he had hurt people he loved was a testimony to the love he has for his family and his Heavenly Father. This little boy may not sit still in primary, or sing all of the songs, But he knows the important things, and he has the desire to do what's pleasing to his Father in heaven. Thank you Blakey for teaching me and allowing me to have a glimpse into what our Heavenly Father must feel for us.

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