Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Kynzi bit LaLa tonight during bedtime stories... While reading the tooth book... Ironic no?

Today was lovely. Mike took the older two kids to the splash park, and met with the audio wire specialist so he can run the wires for the TV's in the new house, and also went over the plans again... Which still weren't right... While I stayed home and finished Kynzi's yellow ruffle dress. Oh it's cute.... I followed this tutorial. I'll post pictures when I can get her to hold still long enough to put it on her.
Brent is pulling up on things and standing, Which makes me nervous... He seems to be pretty happy with himself. And as a side note, that cute little outfit... it cost me $2. TWO DOLLARS!!! I made it out of a shirt I found at goodwill. I'll post a little quickie on how I put it together, later... I love shortall rompers for little boys during the hot Florida summers... and I love that price tag! Speaking of price tags, I'm currently looking for more ways to cut back on the grocery budget, and more specifically my Costco grocery bill each month... And so far, the only option I'm seeing is to cut out the 5 hour energies and that will save us $40 a month... I'm not liking that idea very much... maybe we should cut out organic fruits and veggies instead! ;) Was this totally random or what?

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