Saturday, April 14, 2012

This is the place

I gave up on spring cleaning... I know, I'm a failure at life. We're moving in 6 months and I'm going to have to go through all the crap then, So I may as well not do it twice!
Last night Michael and I went to go over the blue prints of our forever home.
It was one of the best dates we've been on... Ever.
It doesn't look like this now, it's been changed a million more times... And I'm sure it will change again. We now have a beautiful side entry garage and an addition that will serve as my office. 

It was for lack of a better word, magical, to be sitting with my prince charming planing every detail of the home that we will raise our babies in. Where we want the cable outlets, Where we want the electrical outlets, How big we want the pantry, Where do I want the cabinets and the sink in the laundry room? Did we want to move this wall? Or that closet? Where was the furniture going to go? Will the window work there if we put the bed here?
We spent hours imagining configurations and placements. We haven't even gotten to the design center... The fun stuff, Fixtures, knobs, colors, Etc... That will be in a couple of weeks.
Now, Don't get me wrong, It's not all candy and rainbows... They weren't joking when they said that building a house is one of the most stressful events and that it takes a toll on a lot of marriages... Luckily, Mike is not opinionated at all about the house. He has let me pick every last detail with the exception of the budget {Rightfully so, It would be WAY out of control if it were just up to me} So occasionally we have a difference of opinion but it's always resolved in a matter of a few minutes.
I couldn't help but just beam from ear to ear as we were driving down our new street. There were baseball practices going on, The friday night lights were bright, Families were watching lacrosse games together, and we were driving down OUR street. I had the dumbest smile on my face the whole time. It felt like I was driving "home." The only problem was that there was no house on the dirt where our home will eventually be!  I felt like that was where we belonged. I didn't want to turn around and go back to our temporary house. There was such a beautiful peace surrounding the setting. Our neighbors are so friendly, And the neighborhood is so inviting. People wave as you go by, They go out of their way to meet you. They are the kind of people you could just run to and ask for a stick of butter or a cup of sugar. We haven't come across that in any place that we have lived in our 6 years of marriage. I looked at Mike and said "This is the place" And he he responded "Here we will raise the temples of our God" {Remember Brigham Young finding the spot for the temple in Salt Lake? Just skip that part if it isn't making sense.}
 I laughed and giggled with excitement and pure elation. The only thoughts I had and the only things that matter to me were those of raising our children in righteousness. Raising them together. Creating the environment I want them to have. Creating the life I want them to have. And doing it with Michael Neal. My prince charming who has made this all possible for us. Who has given me 4 beautiful babies, and the life I have always imagined. I am happy and content with where we are now, and enjoy every minute I have with these babies, But the closer we get, The harder I find it to not keep picturing how wonderful the future will be. Remember this post?
The reality is, That while the house will be wonderful, The thing that will make it a home is already here. Michael and I, And these sweet little babies. And Yes, I am excited and ready to move, But the things that are going to make it happy and peaceful and joyful are our family and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am going to savor these 6 months, The last 6 months of this chapter of our life. The last 6 months before a new chapter begins.

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  1. I remember how overwhelmed I was when got this house. At our design meeting, I just sat there numb...Art was the one to actually pick out all the flooring and stuff. Now that I am no long numb, I think of how different I would do things. He did a great job picking, but now that I actually see the built house, I would do things different. Although...really, I probably wouldn't have because it would have cost more money! Ha, ha :) Neighbors make everything better. I love my has an extra key in case I lock myself out, another has an amazing cookbook collection - she's basically a library for me, the other would start my lawn mower for me when I would do the yard, I could go on and on - we even have a block party coming up.....they are good people.