Friday, April 13, 2012

I hate cleaning the closets. They are the worst! They always seem to get outrageously out of control. It seems like every week one of the kids just goes in and pulls EVERYTHING off and down onto the floor into a giant pile...

First, I like to start by going through and throwing out anything with a hole or a stain. If it's not fixable of course. And then packing up anything that is too small. Two piles, Keep as hand me downs, or sentimental outfits, {I'm not sentimental at all, But there are a few outfits and pjs I just cant part with, like the ones they came home in the hospital in, or they were blessed in, or a super cute one that I selfishly can't bring myself to pass along to someone else.} And the other pile, donate or pass along to another family.
All of the clothes that are too small are sorted into plastic containers by boy/girl and by size, preemie, 0-3mo, 6-9mo, 12mo, 2T, etc. This makes it way easier to go back and find things when the next kid grows into them.

I hang almost everything up... With the exception of onesies, undies, and socks. All of which have their own drawer.
This is the order of the hanging clothes in the closets from left to right, 
Dresses, longest to shortest, skirts, pants, capris, outfits {shirt and bottoms combo} short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, and suits. {kind of off to the side because they aren't used but maybe two or three weeks out of the year} Since we are renting right now, I have temporary wire shelves and plastic containers for organizing, But I highly suggest a closet system. They are a HUGE help. In the next house, {one of} the first orders of business is going to be the closet systems.Yes, They can be pricey, but it's a one time expense, and I can't stand a messy closet. Speaking of that, as a side note, I can't wait to not share a closet with Michael. He is as close to perfect as they come, but if I have to pull out an empty hanger from the middle of a bunch of hung up clothes one more time.... He just isn't obsessive compulsive enough. Short sleeve shirts just don't go next to long sleeve shirts, and work shirts don't just go next to t shirts.... Sigh, maybe one day my perfectionist-ism will rub off on him... But probably not... But at least I can close the door to his closet and not have to walk in there when I don't want to look at the disarray of hung up pants next to a short sleeve shirt.
This is pretty identical to how I will set up the kids closets in the next house.

And then there's the linen closets... They will look identical to this...

No, I'm not joking in the least. Labels and all. {insert dreamy sigh and stupid school girl giddy... A label gun... I think I heard the heavens singing,} And yes, I will be purchasing new towels that ALL match and linens that all match. I HATE HATE HATE having 20 different size and colored towels, It drives me up the wall to try and make them look tidy together... It's an impossible task. I do try to go through the closets once every three months. Alright, Buckle down and clean em out... I'm off to get dressed for a hot date! Michael Neal and I are off to go over blue prints for the forever home! {We will have to think of a fairy tale name for it... for future references... I'll work on that! LoL.}

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