Thursday, April 26, 2012

This house is making me insane...

I keep telling myself... It will all be worth it...

 This is my kitchen... I'm in love... 
However.... This place makes me want to choke someone....

Building a house is stressful.... And I will never do it again... They will have to drag my cold dead body out of this house....
We were at the design center yesterday. {Yeah, The "fun part".... little did I know.}
I've never been through so many emotions in such a small amount of time. I went from excitement and elation.... to overwhelmed.... To wanting to punch someone.
Mike was slightly boggled as to how I could go from knowing exactly what I wanted to asking opinions and asking for advice. Let me first say that I am Extremely controlling and particular about how I want this house. {I'm going to live and die in it after all!} I have every detail planned. Just reference "The Binder." The problem I ran into yesterday is that once you get into the design center, The price goes up... with every choice you make... And Michael will NOT budge on price.
AND, You only get the choices that they have! GRRRRR.... Well, I wasn't okay with that... {Has this guy {The builder} not met me? Doesn't he know that I get what I want?} We went over bathroom vanities granite and tile about a bazillion times and I hated them every time! I was almost to the point of tears. I HATED HATED HATED it. I finally found a combination that I could live with (Did not love) but to just stain the builder grade crap cabinet they wanted $400 to stain EACH cabinet! Plus $1,000 for granite counters on each vanity! Plus the oil rubbed bronze faucets were more $$$ on top of that! I CAN BUY A GORGEOUS NEW VANITY WITH EVERYTHING INCLUDED $300 AT COSTCO!!!!

UGLY... Not what I want.

So, We are now having to put in cheap pedestal sinks at no additional cost, and having to tear them out and put the vanities we want in after we close. But doing it that way, It's cheaper, And we get what we {I} want. Michael could care less. He just wants to make me happy, and for me to have what I want. Yes it's more hassle, but I don't feel like I'm getting ripped off that way. The only down side is that we have to pay for it out of pocket.
And we are also going to have to replace the door levers, We were being charged $25 a piece, and I found them online {The exact same oil rubbed bronze ones} Online for $14. It may sound like I am being cheap... And we may be, But you multiply that by 25 and that's a $275 savings... That I am not paying interest on for 15 years. That's a big deal.
We also have to add a wall in our mud room/ food storage room because it's right off of the garage and by code, they can't do it... Whatever.
So, Those are just a few of the issues we have run into {there are more}.... and I'm sure we will run into a whole lot more before its all said and done. But for now, I am happy and excited about the final product. And I am most grateful to Mike for being so wonderful and patient and fighting to the death to get me what I want... Have I mentioned that he is my knight in shining armor? I adore that man.


  1. Do they HAVE to put anything in there at all? It seems like such a waste on the builders part. They can't just do the plumbing hook ups and then you guys can close on a house with no sinks? Then you can add the sinks that you want? That sounds like such a stress, but it will be worth it and remember this stage isn't forever, but the house will be. Hang in there, and good luck!

  2. I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award :)

  3. I'm not even sure what that means. I live a sheltered life... Maybe thats something that happens before 8 am... If that's the case I wouldn't know about it! Lol.