Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Busy Badger...

I have been a busy busy beaver or badger if you will... {my brother in law calls me badger, And now so do his girls. "Aunt badger," If you don't know the honey badgers personality traits, look them up and it will make perfect sense." 
Any how, 
As much as I love my blog, I love doing the things I write about more, And these days I just can't seem to find the time to write everyday... And still make, bake, play and adventure as much as much as I'd like. I'll work on that. {Maybe if prince charming will get me a new macbook I could blog in bed!} But oh heavens, Let me catch you up on a few projects I've been working on.

So you remember that stupendous birthday afternoon that was spent at the fabric store? I couldn't just let the fabric sit there... I had to get my hands on it immediately!  So, Project number one, A romper for Kynzi. I found pant rompers and fell in love with them! However, I wasn't in love with the $45 price tag. So I took 1/2 a yard of yard fabric, and about 2 hours, and made Kynzi this....

I wish I could have gotten a better picture, But she refused to hold still. 
I used Simplicity pattern 1903.
I also figured out how to switch the serger to and from a rolled hem!! 
It's the little things in life folks...

Next project, On the list is this, for Brent.
I avoid sewing on knits like the plague... I've made a few things with it, but it's stretchy and takes patience. And in the process of some research, I have decided I need a serger that also does a cover stitch. I think it'd get me to sew more on knits and start to make things of that nature more often. 
Gap wants $20 a piece for shortall rompers. No way. 
You can find the tutorial here.

In other news the girls had their check ups at the Dr. and the news for LaLa was perfect! Healthy in every way. She was so so brave during her shots. {Her shots so she can go to PRESCHOOL!!! Where has the time gone?} She set such a great example for her little sister!
On the other hand, I'm heart broken that the news wasn't so great for Kynzi. She failed her hearing test again. {The important follow up one we were hoping she'd pass} The inside of her right ear is scarred and disfigured, And I don't think she can hear out of that ear at all. I watched her face as they did the test, and when the music played in her left ear she smiled and giggled, when the music was played in her right ear, She didn't have any reaction. And since the bones in her ear are disfigured, a hearing aid wouldn't be any help, That's Michaels issue as well. So, on to the ENT... and speech therapy. Well, At least she has hearing in one ear. Tender mercies. What a merciful loving father in heaven we have.

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  1. When you say her ear is scarred & disfigured, do you mean since birth? Or did she have ear infections a lot? I'm sorry to hear that. She has a lot of company in the family, though. I'm totally deaf on the left side (acoustic neuroma tumor, part of NF2), Michelle's daughter Camilla has major hearing problems that went undiagnosed for years, and Grandpa Rice is profoundly deaf in both ears (I suspect he has the NF2 & the acoustic neuroma tumors- the nerve between the ear drum & brain becomes a tumor, stretching the actual functional part of the nerve until it breaks) are what caused his deafness.) Martha also has had hearing problems her whole life. There may be others, that I just don't remember.
    Auntie Becky