Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring cleaning

Back to reality. What a wonderful staycation we had. It went by was too fast! And then... Back to reality... School, Gym, chores... it was nice to have a little break, But at the same time, Its also nice to be back to the routine. And yes, I have missed my blog bad! But I also took a few extra days to tackle some sewing projects, {More on those later, Promise!} And I started this book. You need to read it. It will change your perspective on life, and help you be grateful to have the privilege to wake up and make food for your babies, and clean up their messes. She is one incredible woman.

 So, Monday started the ever so wonderful process of spring cleaning! No, Really, It's probably one of my favorite times of the year. I'm a minimalist to begin with, But it always seems like the crap accumulates at a pace that I can't keep up with. So it feels good to go through and pick through everything with a fine tooth comb so to speak. So, I know this is really pretty basic, But hopefully something in here will make your life a bit easier. I am going to take a room a day and break down how I organize and de-clutter. I was on pinterest the other day, and saw a youtube video by this "professional organizer" and thought to myself, This lady clearly isn't obsessive compulsive... I could do a way better job than that, and she's the one getting paid?!? And if you're really lost, I highly suggest you go pick up this book. What's a dis-organized person to do? By Stacey Platt. It is the organizing Bible. I picked up my copy at Costco for $10. It's

First, The kitchen.
Tackle the pantry first. Take everything out. Blake canvas. Go through and put like things with like things, and throw out expired items. I like containers instead of food boxes, But that's probably due to my OCD-ness. Make sure to vacuum the floor, and wipe the shelves. Keep what you use most often on eye level shelves. Baking items on one shelf, Breakfast items on another, etc.

Then the fridge. Same thing. Empty the whole thing. Wipe the shelves and drawers. Throw out expired items, Group like things. I may be slightly nutzo about the way I like my fridge, But trust me, a few minutes of prep time when you bring in your groceries, goes a LONG way. I Clean the fruit in a water/white vinegar solution {one part vinegar to ten parts water} When I get it in the door from grocery shopping. This makes it so berries don't grow mold spores, and then the kids can just grab and snack, I don't have to worry if its been washed or not. Then I cut the grapes into smaller clutters on the vine. I sort veggies into individual snack bags, etc. It makes meal time and snack time much much faster! {And if you're wondering, No, this isn't all of the food we have, We have two refrigerators and three freezers.} I promise I'm not starving my kids! We do have eggs and meat and all that other stuff, It's just not all in this one.

Now we tackle every cupboard and drawer one at a time. And don't forget under the sink. Empty, wipe, Sort. And for the love, de-clutter! Throw out duplicates, things that are missing a piece {a lid, a straw, etc} You really don't need as much as you think. You don't need 5 sets of measuring cups or spoons, and when was the last time you used that fancy strawberry huller that is taking up space in your drawer?... That's what I thought, Get rid of it! And as a side note, I just replaced all of my nonstick with cast iron, stainless steel and copper. PFOA the chemical used in nonstick is a nasty nasty thing, it has been proven to be a human carcinogen... and has been found to cause cancer, organ damage and birth defects in animals... It's seriously toxic. Do the research for yourself, But I'd rather not take my chances.
Okay, I know it's basic, and I'm sure you know all this stuff, But maybe it will inspire you to start cleaning out the pantry...Right now. Mark get set go!

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