Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Without the rain

You know, I was having a conversation the other day, and we were talking about the new house, and it was mentioned how we are really lucky to be able to build our "Dream" house in this housing slump. Well, Yes, We are...We are blessed to be able to. However, It hasn't been without many many trials, not too short of loosing every dime we had... Actually that's an understatement... We were worse off than that, We were in debt up to our earballs. {You know, Like your ears and your eyeballs... Never mind, It's a Hicks word.} We were in terrible shape financially, To put it lightly. Partially due to circumstances, Partially due to our lack of knowledge and concern for budgeting. However, We never doubted the Lord.
Knowing that the lord has known all along the things that were in store for us, he allowed us to go through the trials that we did, in order to be able to prepare the way for something greater. And to teach us how to not make the same mistakes twice. However, I didn't see the "light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak while we were going through those trials. I knew that the Lord was mindful of us and had a plan, But lets be honest, In the thick of those hard situations, Sometimes you question the Lord. Not doubting that he knows who you are or that he knows the situation, But you want to know WHY he's allowing you to experience them.
I was no different. I wondered that A LOT. Now, After almost 3 years, Just now, am I seeing how the Lords plan for our family was orchestrated perfectly.
Those 2 years of "worse than broke" Taught us what its like to have nothing, It taught us mercy and compassion, It taught us why preparing ourselves is important. It taught us how to manage money in the Lords way, The way in which we will forever be stewards over the things that God blesses us with. It made our marriage what it is, And what it will continue to be forever. During those times there was never a second where Michael or I got angry or placed blame on one another. We knew that we were in it together and that we would come out of it together. We knew that WE as a family were more important to keep together than fighting over or stressing over finances. Never once was there a feeling of contention over the "lack of." I didn't Blame him for not making enough and he didn't blame me for not managing it better.{Which he very well could have} Now I wont say that we werent frustrated with the situation, But we worked through it. We both were in the infancy of our financial  knowledge, And were patient with each other. I know I've said this before, But I am so grateful that the Lord allows us to experience hard things. Our lives and our relationship is forever changed and strengthened because of those short years of struggle, And now, Finally, Comes our rainbow.

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