Saturday, March 31, 2012


I want my kids to grow up LOVING general conference. Looking forward to it, and counting down the days! Like, We're talking I'm going to throw a party bigger than Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, all of them combined. {I haven't in past years, because they have been so small, But they are getting to the age that they are excited to listen and watch it}
Why wouldn't I throw a party? It's a BIG deal...It is a sacred opportunity to listen to A Prophet of God, and those who serve with him. If you had the opportunity to listen to Moses, Noah, or Adam, you would right? I testify to you that Thomas Monson is a prophet in the same capacity as those of old. He is the Lords anointed. He speaks the words of Christ, and leads us to God. So it deserves to be a celebration.

I''m thinking decorations, games, food... let me elaborate...

Is it really a celebration without balloons? My kids love them.
And a cute little fireplace mantle banner? I was thinking one like this... You know the ones... one that says "happy conference" and have the pictures of the apostles and prophet on either sides of the letters.

Activities.... {See my Pinterest board here}
And of course, the food.
We always have breakfast casserole {recipe} 
Cinnamon rolls {recipe}

Fruit {you have to have something healthy to off set all that deliciousness}
 This year, We will be celebrating at my moms house, But starting next year, when we are in our forever home, We will start hosting the conference festivities! I invite you to listen, you will learn of Christ and his gospel, and be uplifted and edified. You can listen HERE.

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