Monday, March 12, 2012

To catch you up...

Well, There are a few reasons that I have been MIA. One, yes, I had a few down days, and didn't feel like writing. I'm happy to report that after a weekend to myself {kiddos at Granny's} And the river run, and a clean and organized caught up house, I am feeling much more myself. So let me catch you up as to whats going on in our little world.
                                        These are my cute gals Megan, {Me}, And Sarah.
We had a great time and it was just what I needed to clear my head and feel myself again. Let me first say, That running NOT pregnant is much more pleasant. Yes, I'm pretty positive this was my first year running it by myself... No baby in the belly. And, That that big ol' green bridge gets VERY windy... Especially on very windy days. I thought all 120 pounds of me was going to blow right off that bridge, Like someone flicking a toothpick... Not fun...Especially when you're deathly terrified of bridges in the first place. All in all a good race.

Last week we found out that Brent is allergic to milk. He had been extremely congested and lethargic, and had developed a terrible terrible rash all over. So, We have eliminated dairy, and he is doing a million times better. Hopefully he will grow out of it, but if he doesn't that's alright. Just glad we found out what the problem was and that it is relatively a simple fix.

Two weeks ago, My grandparents came. Oh how I love them. My Grandma has really gotten into our genealogy. She brought along with her the journals of her Dad, My great Grandpa. And tons of other books that had stories of our families history. Oh it was so fascinating to read them and to learn of their lives. I have to say, I am a terrible terrible journal keeper. However, I do seem to be able to keep up on my blog. So, In my small way, I am hoping that by continuing this blog, I am recording a record of our lives and a record of our families commitment to and testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hopefully my children and grandchildren will get a little glimpse into my life when they look back on these writings. {I plan to have my blog printed once a year.}

Next on the list... I got a Cricut... Where has this thing been all my life?!? AWESOME! And I am working on a little project with it right now to get my recipe binder more organized and much much cuter! I'll share that when it's finished. I splurged and broke the budget for the week... Whoops a daisy... But what's the point of saving money if you can't ever enjoy it. I'm not talking about indulging in everything you want, but every once in a while it's okay.

And lastly... It's official. The contract has been signed and the money has been handed over. 

 That corner on the far side of the street of this little cul-de-sac is where our forever home will sit. It's a beautiful community filled with families, parks, and tons of activities. The part you can't see is that our house sits about 100 yards from the baseball, football, lacrosse and soccer fields. It's a perfect setting for this little family of ours. 
If you'd like to see the cheesy neighborhood video it's here. {I told you it was cheesy}
We couldn't be more excited or happy about this next season of life. We are ready to build our dream house and start making our memories in the home that our babies will grow up in.
It's going to be a long {And stressful} 6 months...

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  1. The house looks great! Lol. no I am super excited for you guys!! And I am happy you are doing a little better. Oh and poor Brent! The milk thing totally makes sense though, hopefully his congestion will go away soon.