Sunday, March 25, 2012

Modest is hottest! Even if it costs an arm and a leg.

This month has been a HOT MESS when it comes to the budget. I feel like the spending has been out of control! No, It's not just that I feel like it has been, It really has been out of control! It makes me sick to my stomach to think about how much money we shelled out for the dog... Not to mention, ALL the kids need clothes and shoes...Dang these growing kids...And I've been too sick to even consider making the girls clothes. At some point, I will get started on that... But there are things they needed that I can't make...I can't make jean shorts, And I'd love to say that I went to the consignment shop and got them $2.00 shorts. But I didn't. We are very particular about the length of our girls skirts and shorts. They have to be to their knees. I don't care how much it costs for my girls to have cute modest clothes, {see this post} Anywho, The only place I  have ever been able to find knee length jean shorts for the girls is Gap. Oh, and my new LOVE Matilda Jane, I ordered a pair of capris and a pair of shorts. Anyhow, I have to get this dang spending under control... I have to stay focused on the prize... I have a beautiful new house that needs furnished...And that ain't cheap. No spending mode starts......NOW.  But just keep it in the back of your mind that when we move to the new house and I actually have room to put everyone, We are so having a huge Matilda Jane trunk show party... Just in time for Christmas! Hopefully no spending mode will be over by then! Hahaha! {Just kidding Mike, It's a lifestyle change, I know, I know}

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  1. I just love your blog! I know so many people relate to it and connect with you. I especially love when you blog about finances and financial goals(I seriously have a sick obsession with the topic). When I read the part of this blog about staying focused on the prize, it made me think of & want to share what my "prize" is and how it became the focus of my financial picture. A few years ago, Tom had a boss share with him about his family's financial situation. This man & his family set a goal to eliminate all of the debt in their life (including mortgage!). They did a serious assement of true needs and stuck to only making purchases for such items. It took just a few years, but they did it...they eliminated all debt and built a substantial savings!
    {Now, this is where my "prize" comes in.}
    Tom's boss shared with him how the stress and pressures of work changed dramatically with the elimination of debt and a comfortable savings. He said that all jobs come with a built-in amount of stress and pressure. However, the additional pressure of personal finances, bills, dependency upon the next paycheck, etc. made work a thousand times more stressful. He told Tommy that it is incredible to be able to go to work without the added burden heaped upon him. I fell in love with the thought of Tommy going to work without feeling those financial pressures. That has been my prize. When tempted by so many different ways to spend my money, I compare it with my prize and it suddenly pales in comparison. I am so very guarded with our money and do not freely spend it without much consideration. Through the years, we have worked so very hard to follow in the example set by Tom's former boss. It has been a true prize seeing the stress and pressure lifted from my husband's shoulders.