Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love this. It makes my heart happy. It pretty much speaks for itself, But it inspired a few thoughts. 
I am very pro "use it up wear it out make it do or do without,"
I love making my kids clothes out of an old sheet or t shirt. 
I love duct tape and jimmy riggin things so that I don't have to replace and spend the money on something. 
But It had never crossed my mind that this theory was applicable to marriage as well. 
Michael and I have a strangely easy marriage. We have never really had to work hard to like each other, or get along. However, We don't have a lot of common interests. Actually we are pretty polar opposite. 
I basically live on green vegetables and fruit. Mike doesn't eat either. AT ALL.
Mike LOVES fast food. I'd rather poke my own eye out than eat fast food of any sort.
I LOVE the arts. Music dance, etc. Mike wanted to kill himself 5 minutes into the Nutcracker ballet I made him take me to, And he completely forgot about the tickets to the orchestra he bought in plans to surprise me for my birthday, So we missed it. I'd be so excited I couldn't sleep! There's no way I could forget about something like that! 
I'm a gym rat, Mike is a field rat. {I'd rather be at the gym working out, and Mike would rather play football and call that his workout}
I think it's so cute when you see couples running races together, And It makes me sad that I know that will never be us. I love to run races, and Mike only runs if he is being chased by something or someone bigger than him. 
I love shopping, Or even just wandering the mall and window shopping, Mike would rather stab his foot and watch it bleed than have to go to store.
We have but just a few common hobbies... We both love football and we both love outdoor activities. {Which are rather limited with 4 kids under 5}
That about covers our common interests...  However,
 Our outlook on how to raise our kids is the same, 
our outlook on money has grown to be the same {That took some effort}
Our outlook on where we want to be in 10 20 and 50 years is the same. 
Our goals are the same
Our dedication to the Lord is the same. 
Our marriage works because of one thing...
Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and our determination to raise our family to him, in his gospel and in his way. That makes it easy. We don't need fixed, Because we aren't broken because THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in both of our lives is not one another, or our children, But our relationship with Christ.
After that relationship, Comes our relationship with each other, And then with our children. 
Too often ones priorities can shift from Christ, to children, money, careers, possessions, etc.
That's when things become broken and need fixing. 
 If we ever were to be broken, because we shifted our sight from Christ, there is only one way to fix it. 
Christ and his gospel. 


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