Sunday, January 1, 2012

$10 DIY ruffle shower curtain

So last week the kids shower curtain got bleach on it...Yikes. Wouldn't have been a big deal had it not been a brown shower curtain. But the damage was pretty noticeable. Well, I searched and found the one I wanted to replace it with...

Well, Actually, I didn't love the colors, I'm too OCD to have one that isn't all the same color...And it is $118. FOR A SHOWER CURTAIN! Not gunna happen. So I thought to myself... I could make that, So I did. Here's my $10 Ruffle shower curtain. 
First, 2 King size flat sheets. These were clearance for $5 each at Target. Tan wouldn't have been my first preference for color, But that was what was on clearance, and I don't hate it...
 I cut the sheets lengthwise into 10 inch wide strips
 {The damage to the old one}... And then I just used the same hot glue ruffle technique as the tree skirt.
You know, The glue, pinch, burn technique? I did hem the bottom of each ruffle before I started gluing. I was very careful on the top row to go around the hook rings so that I could still use the 0 rings that were already in place.
So there you have it. It's a terrible picture, But it really is adorable. In the next house when the girls have their own bathroom I may just make a hot pink one!


  1. Found this on pinterest!1 Do this ASAP!!

  2. Great job!! I hear you on the burn part.

  3. When I try to find the ruffle technique from the tree skirt it does not show up. Could you please reiterate the technique; I would really like to make this curtain!

    Thank you!

  4. This is awesome. I love do it yourself projects and this is one i'm going to try. :)