Saturday, January 28, 2012

The long awaited coupon post...

Okay, I know this has been a long time coming. Sorry. So, I'm going to do my best to tell you how I coupon because it's not "extreme couponing." I refuse to drag 4 kids to 10 different stores all over town. I do not shop at walgreens or rite aid or participate in their rewards programs. It just is not practical for me. There are awesome deals to be had, but they aren't for me. I go to target, and Publix. That is it. I don't coupon on a majority of my food. We don't eat processed and artificial crap and while it is getting a little easier to save money on natural and whole foods, The majority of food coupons that are put out are for pre packaged stuff.
 Get a binder and get organized. This will never work if you aren't organized. get a binder and some baseball card holders.

GET DIVIDERS! Divide them up however your brain processes them best. By Isle, By category, by store, whatever.

1. Get 2 or 4 Sunday papers delivered, Even numbers so you can maximize Buy one get one sales. Ask your neighbor to save their coupons for you. My moms neighbor gives me hers if I'm over there, and My friend Gloria from the gym saves 2 inserts for me!!
2. Before you even look at the ad clip the coupons on things you use. I do not clip coupons on things that are on sale and I have a coupon on them just because they are cheap. If it isn't healthy or we don't use it on a regular basis, I don't buy it.
3. Go to the stores website and look for store coupons. You can "stack" {that means use both coupons on one item} a manufactures coupon and a stores coupon. Depending on your stores coupon policy. You can also use a target store coupon at publix if they accept or consider target as a competitor. IE...The Publix by my house does not, But the Publix by my moms house does. Most coupons you are only allowed to print two of from one computer. I print from my computer, and then I print from my moms house. There are 2 computers that I can print from there. And remember to look for peelies {The coupon that is stuck to the product itself} Depending on the store you can use all 3. But it is a manufactures coupon so some store will not let you use them together. Oh and I almost forgot. Make sure you look in the package of the things you buy. Scrubbing bubbles sometimes have coupons in their packaging and so does the shout color catchers box. Like the actual cardboard box is the coupon. You'd never notice it if you didn't know to look.
4. Okay, Then you go through your ad and do your matchups.
5. I take a separate trip for couponing. It's just easier for me to concentrate. I usually have my binder in the car just in case I find an unadvertised deal while I am regular grocery shopping.
6. Look for clearance things that you have coupons for. Thats where you can score some GREAT deals.

A look into my collection. Mind you this is after I haven't couponed for 5 months. I ran out of room and had to take a break from it when Brent was born. So it's a little low right now. 
 This is my laundry soap collection. I am not a soap snob, I just buy whats cheapest. Usually I can get these for about $1-$2 per bottle.

 Razors are always free. Target does Awesome gift card promotions when you buy two razors. So, You use your coupons for the two you buy and then get the target gift card! Toothbrush heads, and Always contact solution.

 Coupons on clearance items. This tide stain release was originally $18. Marked down to $12. I had a $3 manufacturer coupon and a $2 target coupon. So it was $7. I bought 4 of them. And haven't had to worry about buying them for quite sometime.
 Toothpaste was free, deodorant, And you know why I love Target? They have coupons on their generic brand. I got my face wash for $.85 and its every bit as good as the St Ives brand.
 This is all hair products. I have maybe spent $30 on all this. And there's probably easily $100+ worth of products in there.
 Target online usually has $1 coupons for any up and up product over $3. I ALWAYS use those on wet wipes, I buy the 3 pack.
 Cleaning supplies. Always check the box for coupons.
 Target has coupons for up and up diapers. I'm cheap. We use target diapers. I print as many coupons as I can and stock up when I can get the coupon and they are on sale.
 Look for extra incentives...This was a double bonus. These packs of razors had $10 i tunes gift cards with 2 razor purchases... Guess what? I got 6 razors for FREE. So in addition to free razors I also have $30 in Itunes.

Okay I know this is really long. But if I can do it, So can you. And as a rule of thumb I never buy anything when I need it. you'll always pay more that way. You wont have a coupon or it wont be on sale. That's why slowly building a "stockpile" is important. You never run out of things and you always get a better deal. 
 If you have questions I'd be happy to help! Or if you want help organizing a binder, Or making a cute binder carrier with the strap, I'd be glad to show you.


  1. great post! I love saving money with coupons! A year ago I bought $100 worth of men's shower products for $10, and we are just starting to get low. Time to start watching for coupons and sales again!

  2. Yeah, I have a question, can you just come here and help me get started? I've tried to do this, but it never works out for me. :(