Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baptist hospital needs to have a wing named after the Hicks family.

Baptist hospital needs to have a wing named after the Hicks family. Or at least our name should be on the generous contributions plaque.

 This is how my evening began. Hot date with Mr. Hicks. Which included a trip to Walgreens, and the Burger king drive thru, {I love their fries}, All while listening to some old school Coolio. In the prius... Picture it now. LOL. And hanging out with the youth group from our church at a bonfire. And some hot cocoa! Picture perfect night...

Until we got home. We were standing around chatting with Mike's mom, {Who had been watching the kids}, And all the sudden I hear Brent gasping for air trying to cough. He couldn't even get enough air to cough. So Mike and I loaded him up and rushed to the ER. Don't worry we left Mikes mom with the others.
 We get to the hospital and they take him back almost immediately, I literally sat down in the chair and they called us back. Honestly, it was so late the details are pretty foggy. But I remember 2 or 3 breathing treatments that he didn't respond to, and then the last one seemed to help a little bit. However, not much. A few minutes later he was still having chest retractions, and working way too hard to breathe. So as Brent and I were off to get x rays, Mike found out that they were going to admit him.
This was our cozy little room. {and by cozy I mean extremely small and uncomfortable. The rocking chair made my back hurt, and Mike and I slept on a, {meaning one for both of us to share,} foam padded "bed" that was smaller than a twin size mattress.} All together that night we got maybe 2 hours of interrupted sleep. Dr's coming in and asking me questions, I remember vaguely one Dr. coming in and asking me for some information and he asked me for Brent's birth date. I told him, with my eyes half closed, I can't think of it, isn't it in his paper work... I was SO exhausted I don't even think I could tell you my own name at that point. We came home last night. He's doing alright. They think it was just a virus that his little body couldn't handle and gave him the nasty croupy cough, and basically it's RSV, but its not the RSV virus. But it acted the same way. Does that make sense? I was half asleep when it was explained to me, and my brain is still going on about 5 hours of sleep.
We're still in the scary we really have to keep and eye on him stage, but hopefully the worst of it is behind us and He'll be good as new in a week or so. So, we will be quarantined so that this little guy doesn't get any more germs.

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