Monday, January 23, 2012

Tax TIme.

Ugh, Forgive me as I rant for a bit...
Rarely do I post things anywhere about politics and things of that nature. I don't like to argue. But for the record, I AM A VERY PASSIONATE VERY RIGHT SIDED CONSERVATIVE. 
However, I need to just vent for a second. We just turned our taxes in. Normally, this is a joyous occasion for us. And this year was good too... We will get a refund back. Considering that is our money in the first place, {insert eye roll here.} Anywho... The past few years I have never noticed what percentage of our income we actually pay in taxes. This year I was curious because our tax return was about the same as last year. However, We paid $10,000 In hospital bills, and had another kid. Now, I understand that we didn't own a house this year and perhaps that was a contributing factor. So I was a bit confused as to how we could get back about the same amount... And then it hit me... Tax bracket. Mike made a bit more money this year which is a blessing. I understand that and am very grateful that he has a job. That's not the point of this... It bumped us so that we are in a new tax bracket and we are on the lower end of the tax bracket... Awesome. Now, I don't know if you know this but the tax brackets make it so that we pay between 10% to 35%. WHAT?!?!? That is freaking ridiculous. That's a HUGE difference.
Everyone should pay the same percentage. That's the way God does it. It's absolute ludicrous to make people who make more money pay a higher percentage. HELLO? These rich nerds can take their money else where and create jobs else where if you keep taxing the crap out of them! Do not misunderstand this. I do not have an issue paying my taxes. I think that living in the greatest nation in the world is a privilege, and obviously some taxes are necessary... But why can't everyone, regardless of income, pay 10% or 15%.  Anything above that is absolutely insane. I think the founding fathers, are ROLLING in their graves to see the state of America's finances. UGHHHH, Whatever, I know that I can't do anything about it, and that that is a dream scenario, But it just really makes me sick to my stomach. I almost lost my lunch...
Okay, I feel better. I vented. Any how, looking on the bright side, We will get a refund so WOO HOO for that. Get your taxes done, and go get some of your money back!

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