Friday, December 2, 2011

This is not what I signed up for... And maybe a little TMI.

I was doing really good, Until this week. You know, Everything was caught up, Laundry, dishes, kids hair perfectly combed and bows in. Yeah, Until this week. I have about 6 loads of laundry sitting on my bed. They are clean, So that's a plus I suppose... However, They are definitely not getting folded anytime soon. Laundry for 6 people is a bear. Especially when one of them barfs and poops through several outfits a day, and another one still has accidents in their panties... UGH.
I did get a good majority of the hot pink nail polish out of the white carpet. So that was nice. $15 of acetone and 15 million less brain cells later... {That stuff smells SO bad.}
The kids decided to pull ALL of their clothes off the hangers and out of the drawers in their closet, So there's a good few hours to get that back in order... It's been that way for at least 2 weeks. No joke. I really need to go through and throw out the stained and hole-y clothes and donate what doesn't fit. Remind me, When do I have 3 hours to just sit and sort clothes? Yeah, never, The kids would destroy the rest of the house.
So, I thought that I was going to tackle that, Well, At least start on it today, That is until Blake decided to flood the downstairs toilet after he pooped in it. Yes, That's right, I went there. My 4 year old tried to wipe his own bum and used the entire roll of toilet paper. So that was fun to clean up...
This is not what I signed up for when I wanted to be a stay at home mom... I signed up for play dates at the park, And picnics, And afternoon tea parties, And cuddles on the couch, And baking goodies, And dress up parties, And building trains, and playing dinosaurs... Not cleaning up poop from over flowing toilets, and washing pee off of my porch... Yeah, We don't have a dog... And definitely not wasting several hours on washing sorting, folding, and putting away clothes...
Oh well, The good with the bad I suppose...
{If your wondering how that picture fits this... Mike calls me gypsy. It says "stay at home gypsy" instead of "stay at home mom," So it's really perfect... At least to me}

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  1. Love the picture......Hope tomorrow is better!