Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scripture case

I have really been needing to get new scriptures. Well, I got them, And you know what... I hated them. You know not the scriptures, But they weren't "MY" scriptures. The pages were blank, no notes, no color, no doodles... I felt like it was impossible to find anything and did not want to use them. But, "MY" scriptures are the ones I've had since I was 12. There are a lot of notes and things that don't really pertain to my life anymore... Like qualities boys I date should have... I'm not dating anytime soon. And I feel like I was highlighting just to highlight and there was no rhyme or reason to the markings. Or for instance stupid things I wrote like "NAKED PETER!!! PETER WAS NAKED!!" No joke HUGE across the page. {John 21:7} I'm not making this stuff up, but I don't really think that needs to be the main focus of those verses. Or "POOP HEAD" next to a verse describing Satan. Now, granted, Satan is a poop head, But again, Probably doesn't need to be written in my scriptures.

I teach the 16-18 year old Sunday school class and by far it is my favorite calling I have ever served in. Last year we studies the Old Testament, This year we studied the New Testament, and This coming year we are studying the Book of Mormon. I am beyond excited! So, I figured this would be a new start and a great time to break in my new scriptures. So I figured I needed a case that would make them feel like "mine."

So here goes. Keep in mind, I use my iphone for pictures because I'm too cheap to buy a nice camera. Sorry. But I'm not dropping a couple grand so y'all can look at pretty pictures.

 I just too my book and measured all 3 sides. leaving about a one inch allowance on each side and cut that piece out.
Then doing the same thing, Just measuring around one side of the book. Do that twice. So, you have 3 pieces of fabric now. Well, 6 if you line it. I lined mine.

 I wanted mine to have extra bookmarks so I added those to the largest piece in the middle.

 Stitch just the long side of the small pieces to the big piece. Right sides to right sides to right sides so your seams are on the inside. If you aren't embellishing you can stitch all the sides. But if you are adding trim, It's too many layers for the machine to go through. 

This is where you add all the embellishments that you want. I did lace, pearls, a snap strap, flower, and hand embroidery.
 Then stitch The short sides of the small pieces to the big piece. That's the pocket that your cover sits in.


This is the shortened version. I didn't go over how I added the embellishments and things. You can just wing it. That's what I did. If you have questions feel free to ask. And FYI this was a labor of love. I made a "trial" case first. You may have to play around to make sure that it fits taught. I used linen so I made mine very tight because over time it will loosen up.

I also found this site and love her insights on how to mark scriptures and improve study.

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