Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reusable paper towels...

Right now, I'm sitting at the computer eating oatmeal cookie dough out of the mixing bowl with the spatula... I didn't even bake any of it... I'll work it off tomorrow at the gym... And yes, my stomach hurts from eating so much, and I can't stop. In other news, Sarah, Ashlar and I took the kiddos out to the splash park. The kids love it out there. I wish we could be out there everyday this summer, But gas prices don't allow. Speaking of prices... Medical bills make me MAD. They put me in such a bad mood. So after looking over all the medical bills from Brents ER trip a while back, I needed a project to get my mind back into happy mode. 

These aren't mine... These are the ones from the tutorial I used.
I've been wanting to make these for a while now, { I know I could just use a bunch of white washcloths, But I like that these are on a roll} But had to find the motivation... Well, It came. We are on our last pack of paper towels... And I'm not sure if you have looked lately, But they are expensive! It's about $25 for a big pack of like 15 rolls at Costco... We go through one of those packs every 2 weeks. No, I'm not joking. We use a LOT of paper towels... So that means we are spending a whole lot of money on paper towels. Now, Part of me wants to say I'm doing it only to be "green" But let's be honest... It's mostly because I'm cheap. It's the same reason we have a prius. I mean, I do care about the earth and all that stuff, But I care about my bank account more. I asked Mike if he thought I had gone off the deep end, when I was cutting them out... {Insert skeptical look here} "Kyrsten, How much is this really going to save?"... {Sometimes my projects cost more than if I had just broke down and bought it, I have fancy fabric tastes, what can I say?} I think he was pretty impressed when I told him how much paper towels cost, and how cheap my 2 towels were... So, Mine are boring and white... But that's for two reasons... It was cheaper to buy 2 large white towels from target {$4.99} than it was to buy terry cloth by the yard... And two... I don't want fabric prints in my kitchen. I like my kitchen to look sterile. Plain white paper towels, counters clean and smellin' like citrus. It's the OCD in me. So, I plan on just keeping a little basket under the sink cabinet where we can put the dirty ones, and I will just wash them when I wash the towels. Alright, I'm going to finish my cookie dough and head to bed. And yes, My GOAL is to be 100% paper towel free. We'll see if I can do it.

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