Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bubonic Plague

Pretty sure that the Bubonic Plague has hit the Hicks household. Mike had it Tuesday-Saturday-ish and I got hit hard yesterday, poor Brent I think has had it since Friday, and Blake has slept for probably 1/2 the day today. It's the weirdest thing, We feel okay in the morning, and then like death come early afternoon. This morning we had these for breakfast. 
Pretty tasty if you ask me. {I mean, Anything rolled in butter is good right?} Well, it was for the 10 minutes I kept it down. I'm not sure what I was thinking eating cinnamon and butter on a sick stomach... 
Our poor kids, Brent has been a terror. He's teething and I'm pretty sure he has this bug, So he has been screaming nonstop. And not sleeping through the night. Neither of our parents could come to the rescue today either... Thank heavens for the greatest friends and home teacher, They brought us dinner without being asked. Seriously an answer to a prayer. I couldn't even move from my bed to the couch without being exhausted. And Mike can't cook anything. No, really, Unless it's a frozen pizza and even then he has to ask me what to turn the oven to and how long it cooks for. {Even though it's on the box}
The house is disastrous, The laundry is in piles as tall as mountains... I hate being sick. Trying to catch up from the days of doing nothing is going to be terrible. I have at least 6 loads of laundry and a good few hours of cleaning. It's not happening for a while though, let's be honest. 
It was however, Really nice to just stay home and cuddle with all these babies in our bed. Watching Disney movies and taking naps. 
The house is coming along... still slow.... And always with a wrench in the plan. Now we are going to have to design the laundry room after we move in because the supplier doesn't carry the sink and faucet I want. Really? It's a galvanized bucket sweet cheeks. I could probably find one on the side of the road. Oh well. Just gives me more time to find more ideas right?!
Obviously this sickness has thrown off our summer scheduel... But the important things are still getting done and being taught. Hanging out with babies, and Blake and LaLa are doing fabulous with this pre school curriculum... And these sight word flash cards.
I'm hoping to have him reading by himself by the summers end. I'm pretty sure he could do it now, But the kid is so dang lazy. Any who, As soon as the plague has cleared, I'll get back to the exciting and productive posts. I started a project 4 days ago and still haven't finished it. {SO not like me!}

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