Thursday, April 28, 2011


Sometimes you need some motivation or inspiration to accomplish something. Well, quite frankly I can't find mine anywhere around here lately... I've been super lazy about going to the gym. Which is extremely rare for me. The kids love being there and so do I. So what the heck is my problem? Excuse number one, we moved, Okay that was almost a month ago and the house was unpacked a week later. Try again. I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Well that's never stopped me before. Next. Okay I've been totally sick and so have the kids. This is the only one that holds some merit. But the kids are better and I now have antibiotics so I should be chipper in a few days. But still, after getting out of the routine it's hard to get back into it! So, If you're like me I need motivation! Here are my best ways to get my lazy booty motivated to go to the gym.

Buy a new workout tank. I LOVE this one from Lululemon. I think it will balance the belly nicely.

Lace up your Nikes!

Nike ID is the coolest thing ever! I have a pair of what I call watermelon nikes. {They are bright pink and neon green} I custom made them online. Love them!  They are bright and obnoxious, Like myself. They even have my nickname KHICKS on the back! I feel like a proud peacock struttin' her tail feathers when I wear them! Great running shoes.

Make a new playlist. I know common sense right? But I can't tell you the last time I made a new one.

If you don't have a gym bag, get one! Sigh, I've lusted after this one for a year or 2. It's been retired and I cant find it on ebay :(
Post a picture of your fitness inspiration. Mike doesn't like me to plaster pictures of fitness models all over, or anywhere for that matter, but I'm a visual person and need to see what all the hard work and sugar deprivation can produce. So I just keep an oxygen magazine in my gym bag. This is Amber Elizabeth, She's my fitness inspiration... Hello? Do you see those arms? I mean, her abs aren't too bad either. She is always in Oxygen magazine, and I  think she is beautiful... I will look like that again after this kid is born. With a few more stretch marks of course. And maybe a few more dimples on the back of my thighs...

Set a goal. Write it down! It doesn't necessarily have to be a weight loss goal.  Sign up for a race, trust me after dropping $30-$100 to run, you better believe I'm running. No getting out of it. Be accountable to a workout partner.

Sarah, that one's for you! {we're running the disney princess half ONLY because she likes the medal.}

Think about the benefits, not the difficulties.
UGH! So here I go... I will be at the gym this week!


  1. Theo and I are planning on going to Disney next year. He's doing the full and I'm doing the Princess Half the day after. He's thinking even bigger and just might do the Goofy challenge and do both! Crazy man! We should totally reconnect when we come!

  2. I was wondering where you have been! Glad your on aome ABX. I want to do the princess too, maybe I'll tag along with you guy.

    P.S- I have a secret fitness "board" that I hang up and take down before anyone can come over and see a bunch of half naked ladies on my wall...